Written By L. 

At some point in their life, everyone has wondered whether soul mates are a real thing or not. As far as I am concerned, I think one can never answer that question if it doesn’t happen to them.

And by “it” I mean this incredible feeling you get when you meet someone and feel like you’ve known them your entire life. You strike up a conversation and never want it to end because you see a reflection of yourself in the person across you. That doesn’t mean that you have the same opinion about everything or that you approach matters in the same way. You just feel an instant connection, an intimacy that grows every second you spend together or even apart. And for some weird r­eason, you are sure the other person feels this energy too.

I have always doubted the existence of such a thing. Not that I’m some kind of experienced person where relationships are concerned – no. I just always believed that two people who are together and love each other can become soul mates in time. I thought they just become accustomed to each other’s ways and eventually feel like they belong together.

And then, you show up. And with you, I came to understand that you don’t become soul mates with someone. You are all along, from the beginning, from the very first moment. You just never know if you’ll be lucky enough in life to get the sweet satisfaction of meeting them. If you do, I doubt you can stay away from them; that you can lead separate lives. It’s all those little things that connect you to each other from the first moment, things you can’t let go of endless conversations, inside jokes, strong feelings, and all kinds of special moments.

Of course, life might throw all sorts of obstacles in your way – who doesn’t have that problem?! You might have to spend some time apart, but this is the deal with soul mates; you don’t appreciate life as much without each other. There’s always an empty spot within you, a constant reminder that something’s missing. And you know what it is, or who, to be more precise.

Nevertheless, whatever the difficulties may be, timing will be lenient with you at some point. Sooner or later you will be on the same page. Although you’ve been apart for a significant amount of time when you reunite it feels like not a single day has passed by without each other. No awkwardness, no nothing. And that’s when you understand the meaning of the word “soul mates” in all its brilliance. It is a peculiar connection, sometimes even scary, but everlasting. Addictive as a drug and impossible to give up no matter what. And for that, you’ll love it.

I am proud to say that I found my soul mate at a friend’s party, three years, four months and seventeen days ago, or 106,790,400 seconds ago, as he would prefer to say. I hope we’ll last a lot more than that.

Happy birthday, soul mate!
Your L.

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