Written By Dominica.



What a great meaning and yet; I feel anything but hope. I am lost. In the crowd. Inside my mind. Inside your small meadow. Lost in you; with no hope.


How can that be? I have never been like that. Why? I try to grab onto you but you keep slipping away. Always slipping away, just sand between my fingers.


I am losing you at every turn. It’s like hide and seek; and in this game between us I am always the seeker. I see you but I cannot get you out of your hiding place.


Your mind is closed, unreachable. You hear but you don’t listen. You understand but you don’t comprehend. A messy mind. And I am losing you.


At times, I feel doomed; like every last droplet of the ocean has fallen off ready to drown me. And I do drown. In the depths of your eyes down to your soul.

Unreachable still.

I see you. I see through you. But I am hopeless. No hope. Nothing. I cannot get to you. And I feel lost, once again.


I am vanquished by you. Your walls up high, your closed mind. And mine shattered.


There is a certain connection between us. Like kindred spirits; or not so. But similar at least. I can see through you like a thin paper, smoke up in the sky.


All around. Blurry. I am in. Inside your mind. It’s foggy though; as I have expected. I look around, for you, through the mist.

There it is.

I find the tiniest threat connecting comprehension and understanding. Listening and hearing.


Hours have passed. I knitted it all back, taking extra care and paying vital attention.


Like crystal clear water. Your mind blooms once again like a flower at spring. Oh, what a salvation!


I am hopeful. You are reachable. Bit by bit you listen more closely and comprehent every tiny detail.


You are finally mine. Hope. I see real hope just up the horizon. I am filled with joy; no more doom. Never lost again.

Blissful at last.

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