Written by Maria Stergiopoulou.


Τhe connection two people have is something quite remarkable. It is so strange how similar two souls can be. In my case, five women that stood by me more than if they were sisters, and one man that I could have never expected could be so familiar and in sync with me.

Four women that I haven’t seen since our college years and one I haven’t even met in person yet. These five women are like sisters because they stood by me in every way a person could ever be there for another.  And this is something I am grateful for. So as far as they are concerned, I couldn’t ask for better support, love and friendship than this. Because, in relationships like these, you realize that a blood connection isn’t necessarily the strongest one. A soul and heart connection is. Friendships that weren’t real friendships ended. But a real friendship, or any relationship that is real, lasts.

When your world is falling apart and your family by blood has given up on you then you find your real family. Real people that can offer you the greatest gifts. Love, support, understanding and a real hug. Affection. When you have someone to talk to, to trust and to know that you can tell everything and confide in, then you have found a real gift. When you have people that really care about you, a connection, then you have everything.

And as for Κaterina, one of my 5 favorite girls, well I want to thank her especially because I owe everything to her. She helped me and she had no obligation to do it. I just hope I will be capable one day to return her the favor and to thank her properly. Katerina you are one of a kind and I am so lucky I have you among my friends. I will try my best to make you proud. Someday, I will! I promise. I owe that to you as everything else. I am so touched and curious how can this possible. Your kindness and your kind of friendship. I may have disappointed you but I will eventually make you think I worth all of your help and your belief in me. Thank you so much my girl. Your soul is precious.

This is the real deal.

When I first met you we were 18 years old and I can still remember when we were at the classroom at university and you were so sweet telling me you are playing the same game with me on face book. Your soul is like a little kid’s soul. So pure and light and innocent. And today you are all strong independent and special woman who after 12 years decided to open up my eyes when I asked for help. In a black time for me. And although I am too lost in my thoughts and problems and I haven’t been worth of your friendship because my behavior was stressful  and I was so unfair to you. And I didn’t want to be.  I was supposed  to see you  a few days ago and I couldn’t make it and I should have. Βut  I will make it up to you. So I consider you my family not only because you showed me sisterhood and love and help, but because you believed in me and you took action to make me see that and to achieve that. I will be forever grateful and I will prove you right. I love you and I respect you. And this is a real friendship and connection. Fate.

As for this man… When you start talking on the internet you can’t imagine that at some point you will end up sharing your problems, your thoughts and your life facts with this person.  And you realize that the attraction you feel for each other is not only physical, but emotional and mental as well.  You can’t even imagine that as you feel more depressed than ever, that there is this person that can make you get out of this darkness. Talking for hours on the phone or on social media, you find each other’s experiences and emotions so unexpectedly similar. And when you know that you will see each other soon because you have been planning, for a long time, to move to the place he happens to live. When you know your first discussion began when you wanted to ask information about the place he  lives, the place you also want to live, and then you come to see that everything happens for a reason.

I can’t rationalize or explain it. I don’t know what it is. But I know that I want to count on this person as much as I want him to count on me. As a friend, as a lover, as a man. When he tells you and shows you he needs you as much as you do and that you two are so damaged that you can help each other in a way that no one could ever help any of you.

Well, I don’t know what that is. But it is fate for sure. When you feel sexual attraction but at the same time you feel so protective to each other. When you two open your hearts and souls. When you come to say that you will move in together as roommates. When you know that he is as strange as you are -and even more- but you two never stop talking understanding and wanting each other.

Well this is a connection.

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