I know, darling, this must be difficult for you.

Running into your ex while I’m holding his hand. Wishing you had a magic lamp in your pocket so that you could magically present a special someone yourself. And, to make things even worse for you, I was discreet enough to give you two a minute, by casually going to stare at a shop window a few meters away.

But don’t let my decency trick you into thinking I didn’t see how you were looking at him. Don’t think for a second that I didn’t notice your regret or the light in your eyes as he was talking to you. And don’t even try to deny the last words you whispered when you parted ways.

Please, take care of yourself.

Oh, how sweet. Really now? You want him to take care of himself?

Don’t worry, darling, for I got his back. And I’ll take care of him, like you never did.

You see, I’ve been through a lot and I was smart enough to see you almost ruined him and what it took him to get over it.

I was the one that helped mend his broken heart. I was the one to show him he could trust me – not an easy thing to do after your cheating, remember? I was the one who destroyed the jackass exterior he tried to throw at my face so that I wouldn’t see how hurt his soul actually was. And I was the one that made him believe in love once more.

So, spare the “take care of yourself” crap, darling, you’re not fooling anyone. Trust me, I can see what you actually hoped for; that he’d be reminded of your good times together if any. That he would reminisce of your past and he’d maybe reconsider his present. But, you do understand how ridiculous this sounds now, don’t you?

No hard feelings, though. I understand. It must feel awful, realizing what kind of person you toyed with. It must be torture to remember how kind, classy, smart, and sexy he is – but you took all that for granted and thought he would always come back, didn’t you? Guilt must be killing you because this time you must accept there’s no turning back.

You that’s humans; ungrateful creatures. We may have the best person standing next to us and, yet, that’s not enough to keep us from running away chasing some stupid summer fling. And we need to lose what we have, once and for all, in order to see its worth.

Only then certain things become clear; for example, look at you. One year ago you were breaking up with someone boring, stuffy and antisocial, but now you’re drooling over someone who is just stable, serious and eclectic. But that’s who he was all along, who’s to blame you couldn’t see it?

Dear, I feel for you, I really do. Not all people can spot a gem hidden underneath a pile of seemingly damaged goods – apparently, you don’t belong in this group and I should probably thank you for that.

You see, if it hadn’t been for you, I’d never have met him. I wouldn’t be able to see his amazing smile every morning or to feel his soft caress every night. If it weren’t for your lack of appreciation, he’d probably still be your little plaything, unaware of how he actually deserves to be treated.

You didn’t have what it takes to make him happy – maybe it was your lack of experience. And I don’t doubt that maybe, after all this time, you can really value him and be honestly sorry for letting him go.

You may even be truthfully worried for his well being too; but that’s neither mine nor his problem. And, if you ask me, it’s kinda late for it to be your problem as well; cause I take care of him now and I’m doing my best.

Thank you for your concern.

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