Written by Sam.

When I was 24, I was supposed to marry the love of my life. The person I had been with for the past 8 years. Little did I know.

Everything was planned out perfectly, down to the finest details, carefully thought out and executed. Deposits for the reception were made, honeymoon holidays were booked; first-class tickets to Thailand. Everything was just as it should’ve been. At last, my fairytale life was about to happen. Until the moment the Best Man stepped into the picture. He had been residing in Australia for the past 5 years but he had taken a month off work just for our wedding.

To make a long story short, it was about a month before my wedding when the Best Man arrived to meet me for the first time. My fiancé talked about him a lot so I felt like I knew him like the back of my hand. Although nothing prepared me for what I was about to see.

He was just like he was described to me, yet he was so much more. The Best Man was a charming young man, educated on the streets of life with an authentic personality. We all loved him instantly and most of all, me. If only I knew it then, everything would’ve been different. I may have stopped the wedding just in time and married him instead. I’m impulsive by nature, I would’ve married him in an instant, had I known what I know now.

We spent almost every day together, sometimes finishing bits and pieces for the wedding and other times just hanging out, drinking. We got along just too well and my fiancé was quite satisfied as he needn’t spend much time with the arrangements. He never was really interested in the details as he was always too busy with his job. Being a financial advisor is a big deal that requires loads of responsibility, he often told me. I only swallowed my pride and words and got on with it.

The days to the wedding were fast approaching and my fiancé was as absent as ever. Making up excuses for not showing up at rehearsals or family dinners. I kept making up excuses to family and friends and I was truly confident that he was working for our future together. Saving every little penny he got just to have a safe and comfortable life.

In the end, I couldn’t make any more excuses. His absence was inexcusable and one day we got into a huge fight about it. I was spending the last month of my freedom planning everything for the biggest day of our lives and he wasn’t there to share it with. Can you imagine my frustration?

Thankfully for me, the Best Man was there to guide and support me. He was a divorcee himself so he knew about wedding planning and married life. He consulted and reassured me all the time. He gave me advice, exchanged recipes with me, and laughed at my jokes.

All the while he was falling in love with me as he watched me slip out of his hands ever so quietly and into the hands of another man; who also liked men.

His absence was finally explained. No one had suspected he was gay. And being with him for 8 years with no signs or suspicions of the fact, it came as a huge shock. The wedding was canceled straight away.

I caught him kissing another man about 2 days before our wedding.

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