Written By Eleana.


Darkness all around.

All I see is him, just him. His palm in mine; slipping. I hold him tighter, trying not to lose his grasp but he keeps drifting away; always slipping away. Our fingers still touching but I feel him fading.

I cannot breath.

My lungs are tied in knots, tiny breaths trying to escape my mouth but something is blocking them. I am suffocating. I try so badly but all is blurry. I cannot see cleary. I cant make out his face. I cannot see him. I am scared. Cold. Dead inside.

Emptiness; a vast nothingness.

I am numb. I feel the tears, droplets escaping down to cheekbones; trying to drown me. And then I see a figure.

I think it’s him. Oh God, please let it be him!

I can’t go on without him. My knees can’t hold me. I fall on the cold hard ground. My stare gazes up to his face. It is him. Thank the Heavens, it really is him! I try to grab his hand, to help myself up, to touch his face. Oh, how I want to touch his face, embrace him and never let go; be with him utterly and completely.

But I can’t.

I reach as far as I can, but he is just outside of my reach; I cannot find him. Please, help me find him.

My body crumbles to the ground. I am nothing but an empty vessel. I have no soul, no mind, no heart. I close my eyes. I don’t have the strenght to look around and not see him, not be able to touch him. I hope, deep down, that I can fade away in the wind, never to be found again.

I think I’m dreaming.

I see a hand; a hand I recognise. Those very fingers that I was so used to kissing, tiny kisses here and there all the time. Someone grabs me. I am in the arms of a man. He carries me like a child. He is murmuring lullibies. That voice. I know that voice. Can it really be him? I must be dreaming for sure. I gaze up and stumble upon his eyes staring down at me.

Those beautiful chocolate eyes that I fell in love with. I found him. I really did find him! His stare is no longer cold and foreign. It’s the stare that I am so used to; that I adore. There is no more pain, only joy. I feel nothing but joy; even though my body aches my heart is finally beating again. I hope I never lose him again; and myself in the process.

There is only one thing left to do.
I reach for his lips; and in that moment, I know I am home again.

I am alive once more.

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