The gentle pitter patter of rain transports me back in time.

Looking out of the window as droplets spatter on, then off. On and off again — of the window. It’s not the kind of storm that signifies an oncoming danger.  There’s no booming thunder or strikes of lightening. It’s a storm that brings moments of reflection with it. Thoughts about what could be. Thoughts about what might have might. Thoughts about what may be.

With a coffee (or hot chocolate) in hand, I watch the images dance through my mind accompanied by the inconsistent but rhythmic sound of the splatter of rain. Pitter patter. Drip drop.

The lullaby of the guitar has enough of a pattern to calm me, and each bar rings out with the potential for hope, with possibility. There’s something more under the notes.

Nothing blends hope and sadness quite like the rain. It seems to signify feelings of depression, but it also leaves open the chance for regrowth. If all goes right, the dark time will be followed by renewal. I don’t need the grass to be greener on the other side because when the rain lifts, the grass will be greener right here — it just might take some time.

That’s also kind of what relationships are like when you think about it. You and I, we might be going through a rough patch right now. Things might seem gloomy. It’s hard to imagine the sun will shine again. But when everything gets into its place, we’ll be in a better spot than we were before. Ready to set things right and start from new. We’ll make it through all of our problems and things will be better than before. We just have to get there.

Just like with the rainy day, when the storm clears, you can appreciate the sun more. It came seem like a bit of paradise juxtaposed to the weather that just swept through. Now we know we can make it through a rough patch. We know how great the sunshine is with each other, and that’s something that we can always be working towards. We can be that paradise to one another.

We’ll weather the storm because, as the song says, “Heaven with you is a world with no time. / No rules red lights or stop signs. / […] Suddenly I’m not scared to die.”

The world may not always be sunshine and bright skies, but how boring would that be anyway? It may not be any kind of heaven, but there will be those unparalleled moments when we’re together that make us able to get through anything. All you and I need to do is be together.

The refrain repeats throughout: “Heaven with you …”

And while the lines change each time after that, the one constant is clear. The two of us together, that’s what heaven is. Whatever we’re going through, whatever is going on, any situation, being together is what we have to look forward to whether that lasts for a year, ten years, or forever (whatever that even means).

At the end of the day, we’ll make it through.

Author: Dani Howell

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