There’s something magical about traveling by yourself. There’s a freedom. A sense of no responsibilities. You’re completely free to do whatever you want, whenever you want.

This on-top-of-the-world feeling makes the relationships you form on these travels even more special. You’re in a new place, maybe even a new country. You’re not tied down at all. You’re out enjoying your time when you meet someone. Maybe you start chatting at a coffee shop. Maybe you’re checking out a bookstore, and you started a conversation with that cute someone about the book you’re holding. Maybe you’re relaxing at the beach, soaking in the sun, when you meet someone you’re drawn to. Whatever the situation, you’re in for a really fun week.

There’s a pure bliss you get with a relationship you start while traveling that you just can’t get back at home. When you two strike up, well, whatever it is, you know it will only last for as long as you’re on the trip.

What does that mean for you? It means you can just be yourself. It means you can focus on having fun. It means that you can enjoy the rush of romance without any of the baggage that comes with a normal relationship. Everyone has annoying habits that start to bother you after a while, but it’s so freaking easy to overlook those habits when you know you’ll only be with that person for a week or two tops.

Think of this as a “friends with benefits” type of situation, just supercharged and blithe. It’s a week full of passion. A week full of lust and pleasure. You don’t have to worry about what the romance will do to your friendship because you’ll never see the person once you go home. You don’t have to worry about setting a foundation to carry you through months, or even years, together.

All you have to do is enjoy your time together – exploring the city you’re in and each other. Imagine a relationship where you don’t have to give up anything. You don’t have to compromise. You just have to have a good time. On top of that, you never have to worry about running into this person when you get home. The two of you have no mutual acquaintances. No overlap. Once you leave, all you’ll have left is the memory of an unbelievable week.

By day, the two of you can have daring adventures around the city. You can go to museums, bars, parks. You’ll be able to check out all the local hotspots because you’re with someone who’s actually from there. They can give you a trip that’s truly one-of-a-kind – imagine all the places you would have never thought to explore. Now you can avoid the tourist traps and money wasters, all with the help of that special someone. Your journeys together don’t end there, though. The night is saved for a different type of excitement. There’s a lot to squeeze into a week together. You can try everything you want to (assuming they also want to) without worrying about embarrassing yourself or being afraid to try something new.

You have a lifetime of thrills and excitement to fit into your week together – all of which will never be tainted by a ruined relationship down the road. You can always look back on this time together as a time of blissful freedom. You’ll never have to mourn what you lost. Or have the happiness tainted by future fights and disagreements. And since you knew it would end with the conclusion of the trip, you know you can easily continue your life as it was with nothing changed.

Plus, next summer, you can travel somewhere new and do it all again. You can experience a similar set of thrills all in a new city with a new person – another baggage free relationship.

Author: Dani Howell

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