A kiss is just a kiss. Or is it?

My first kiss came when I was only sixteen. A young teenage girl  who was finally being kissed by the boy she was so secretly in love with. That handsome boy, the same age as me,  that, just by looking at, I was overwhelmed by feelings unknown and I had these so called butterflies in my stomach that made me feel nauseous. I still remember his mere smile and his eyes staring at my lips with lust as he was approached my face and kissed me softly, gently – and, naturally, I was about to faint.

It was like a movie; an innocent and pure kiss. That kiss left an imprint in my mind and after all these years I still remember it with love.

What can anyone say about the kiss, any kiss, that so many artists, poets or musician haven’t already expressed?

The kiss is a form of communication and by kissing someone we provoke a series of emotions and reactions. Kissing is just great I guess. It’s known as a universal act of showing love and affection.

There are many types; a kiss on the forehead, a soft kiss on the cheek, butterfly kisses, the basic French kiss which involves an open mouth and the tongues being extended, a hot kiss on the neck or any other part of the body, or even a kiss on the hand as a gentle gesture. A warm welcome kiss, or even a kiss goodbye. We all have that special kiss that comes to our mind and makes us smile but some of them aren’t erotic at all, it could come from a person very dear to us; a friend member or a family.

I, myself, remember quite a few.

I always recall with love, and seek any chance I get until today, my mother’s kiss. It always comes along with a warm hug and a light touch of my hair. I look forward to that kiss, as it calms me down and soothes my soul. That is why I call it my “mother’s healing kiss”.

Another kiss I so dearly remember, is the one my husband gave me on our wedding day. It was our first kiss as a married couple. We were surrounded by friends and family and that kiss was full of love and commitment, but most of all it was the kiss that defined the beginning of our new common life that had just started.

I also treasure my dad’s kiss, from the same day, as he escorted me down the aisle, holding my hand so firmly, as if he didn’t want to let me go, and as he handed me over to my future husband, who would now be the one to take care of and protect me, he gave me a kiss on the cheek. He looked me with a sweet melancholy, and I was deeply touched and overwhelmed.

And how can I forget the first kiss I ever gave my baby sister when she was born. She was so tiny and fragile. Well, she is not so little anymore, but I still kiss her with love.

Of course on the top of my list of kisses, are the kisses I give, but mostly the ones I receive, from my children. They are uncountable and no words can describe that feeling. Even after a hard and difficult day, their kiss can make me feel so much better and magically make everything all right.

Other than these more personal kisses,  there are also some I could call “artistic” ones.

Like  Gustav  Klimt’s famous painting “The Kiss”,  which portrays a couple covered in flowers and gold geometrical shapes, with the woman being subservient to her partner waiting with her eyes shut to be kissed. The painting shows the anticipation of the kiss and the intimacy the couple has; all in an erotic atmosphere.

And of course, how could I forget the hot kiss that Noah gave Allie in the movie “The Notebook”, when they finally came together after so many years apart. Of course, there is also one of the most romantic and passionate kisses in the history of the movies – the one that followed Isla confessing her love to Rick in “Casablanca”.

Sylvia Plath once wrote, “Kiss me, and you will see how important I am.”

A kiss is a supreme way to communicate without words and show your love in any form. Give your loved ones as many as possible.

xoxo from me to all of you, too.

Author: Jane Dali

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