The feeling of love permeats every aspect of our mind, body and spirit. It takes tremendous courage to open your heart and give your soul to someone else. It’s a blessed feeling that can make you fly up in the sky and then with the same force that uplifted you, it can easily throw you down to earth, in a crazy freefall.

We say fall in love; and that’s exactly what happens. We fall in love.

Love comes whether you are ready or not. In a young or older age – or sometimes a much much older one. Love doesn’t descriminate. And it’s always welcome. But, human as we are, we fall on our faces sometimes and that’s just normal. We make mistakes, get hurt and that’s a part of the whole love game. The only thing that changes is how someone deals with the recovery after a love failure and how difficult is it to get back on that horse again depending on the age that we have.

When you are young and fall in love, it usually is your first love. You open your heart, give in and give your best. You have nothing to lose at this age really. You are ready for everything and anything, you are confident, you feel that you can conquer the world. And if you get hurt, you are going to cry, get depressed along with all the aftermath that comes with the package.

Then you will probably pull yourself together and soon realize that you have your whole life in front of you to fall in love again. The odds are that you will get up and move on, thinking that a new love is waiting for you around the next corner. Optimistic and self-assured, it is unlikely not to move on, even though it’s going to be hard to forget your first love.

Age has nothing to do with love. When it happens in an older and mature age, everything is harder to cope with; let alone to recover from if the love story ends in failure.

In older age, you have confirmed what you want in your life. You become more cautious when it comes to emotional and romantic relationships. It’s difficult to find someone to commit, and also relate, to. You become very selective. And when you finally overcome all these obstacles and give in to someone and that someone hurts you, it might be tough to get back up on your feet. That’s because you may think that you failed once more, that it was your last chance to find true love and happines. You had probably invested your future in the relationship, and now think that is impossible to get on track again.

Love hurts. No, I mean it literrally hurts.

Psychology researchers found a good deal of truth in this phrase, which compares love with pain. The pain is, more or less, the same at any age. Either someone is young or older, doesn’t mean that the healing process is going to be easy. The only thing that changes in a younger person’s recovery is that it is likely to be milder than someone older. One could say that it is like a child recovering more easily from a physical trauma than an adult.

On the other hand though, it very much depends on the character that one has. If someone is too sensitive no matter how old he or she is, it gets difficult to move on.

Nevertheless, love is magical feeling and the recovery can as well be a journey to self-knowledge, no matter how old you are. Feel free to fall in love, make mistakes, get hurt, get up, forget, move on, don’t move on, recover or stay “sick”  forever.

It will inevitably happen to all of us; at any age, at any time.

Author: Jane Dali

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