Open your eyes. Time to wake up. It’s morning. You’re wrapped up in your warm blanket. It’s raining outside. The sound of the rain is making you sleepy. You turn around and take a look at the pillow next to you.

Who the hell is he?

Well, he has quite a few names. Partner, husband, dad, lover, roommate, friend. Pick whichever suits you better.

Just before he wakes up, you’re trying to figure out what went wrong even though everything had started out so great. The years that passed may be just a few – or a lot. And they usually are. A lot. This man sleeping next to you was the man of your dreams; the one that changed your life, the one that turned it all around.

Is he still?

You met somewhere, somehow and it was love at first sight. Your love was profound. Everything was flawless. He was the one. The only. Your love affair was like fireworks exploding in the dark sky. You trembled just at the thought of him. You made love under the stars and traveled the world in his arms. You complemented each other. Oh, he was the one alright. And it was mutual. You were so lucky.

Or so you thought.

You glance at him one more time. Is love enough? You wonder. Because sometimes, love just isn’t enough. That crazy, stupid love that you once had perished throughout the years. How could this be? Why did you let this happen?

Then those days came.

You accused each other about pretty much every little thing that went wrong. The fights were exhausting and you were soon drained. The house, your home, was a battlefield. He couldn’t understand you, and between all the yelling and the screaming, you tried to leave him so many times. You didn’t succeed. Maybe you were a coward or refused to give up on your relationship. You were failing and falling apart. Feeling angry, hurt, and wretched.

Then came the nights of utter silence.

Those were the worst. You just stop talking to each other. Why bother. Your silence was your defense. He was your enemy. He wasn’t by your side anymore but against you. That’s how you felt.

More years passed. 

You aren’t the girl you used to be anymore. That carefree, full of life girl; the one with a joyful heart and a free soul, with ambitions, anticipation, and dreams about the future. You are tired and dull.

Well, guess what.
He isn’t the same guy either.

Many years ago he promised to forever protect you, to keep you safe from harm. He couldn’t measure up to his promises. It’s not his fault. You try to excuse him once more. He couldn’t keep his priorities straight. You aren’t his first anymore. And that makes you angry and sad.

That’s life, my dear.
And it’s giving you the right to choose.

People change throughout the years. It’s only natural. You can leave him, call it quits, move on if you think you can’t handle it. And it’s alright. Or you can stay and fight. Together. As a unit. Fight to find your lost love. It might sound like a cliché – and maybe it is..Try to forget everything that’s been said and done.

But most importantly try to forgive each other. Let go of all the bad memories and create new happy ones. It’s going to be a difficult, long and bumpy ride, but if you’re willing to give it a try, it’s a rewarding trip. If your love has a strong foundation it will hold no matter what. It will take a joint effort to make it work. And it will need commitment and devotion.

Sometimes love is in hibernation.
All it takes is a little help to wake her up again.

Wake up… Wake up, honey…
And he’s awake. Looking at you. Smiling.

You know that look.
You know that smile too.

Author: Jane Dali

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