Life is filled with crossroads.
A crossroad is the metaphorical word that we use to describe two paths that diverge in front of us. Decisions and choices that we must make. We stand at these crossroads turning our heads right and left. In front of us lays the future, behind us the past. Every day we have the power, even if we don’t realize it, to change our own lives. No, I am not talking about the simple every day decisions – from which pair of shoes to buy, or what kind of car to purchase. I am talking about the critical ones. The ones that can change your life. Your relationship, your marriage, your career.

Some decisions and choices are graver than others. Can we really choose which way to go? Does that choice depend only on what we want, or are there other significant factors that we take into consideration? When you find yourself standing in a major, life changing crossroad like this, you are usually confused. You have, most likely, been given two options.

The one road is the road that you should follow. The road that your common sense and logic compels you to walk down. The familiar path. The safe path. Your rational mind orders you to choose that one. But..
As you turn your head you see the other road too. Your other choice. The road that you are being tempted to follow . The road less travelled. The bumpy path. The unconventional path. The unsecure path.

Its time to make a decision. The choice is yours.

How do you feel? Overwhelmed, stuck in a situation and confused. Having no clue which way you are going to go. Your mind probably has done all the logical thinking. You measure things up again and again. You note the pros and the cons. You try to visualize the future. The failure or the success of your final decision. You already know that there will be consequences with the outcome of this action and you probably wonder how it is going to effect your family or close friends.

What if you are not sure about the final result? How it will effect you? Is your whole life going to turn upside down? Can you make a decision like that just based on your gut? Questions, questions, questions… and no answer.
What if you don’t have just two roads to choose from? Sometimes things aren’t only black and white. What if life has given you a handful of options and choices? None of them reassuring you true happiness. It takes a lot of strength to make a choice – let alone the appropriate one.

We often use the phrase “I didn’t have a choice.” The truth is that we always have a choice. And we use these words to justify our cowardice. Nothing can promise the security that we seek. Neither our choices.

The roads that we are οn reflect our choices. We must not forget that we always have a choice. We are the ones that define our fate. Our current life is the result of the choices that we made and the roads that we have chosen. It doesn’t matter which one we eventually decide to follow; we always going to wonder if we made the right choice. And unfortunately sometimes, in the longrun, we tend to regret our decision.

If you are standing at a crossroads now, for whatever reason, takethe path your heart tells you to.
If you are standing at a crossroads now, you already know which road to follow.
If you are standing at a crossroads now, you have already made your choice – otherwise you wouldn’t be standing at that crossroads.

Author: Jane Dali

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