You are brand new to me. Your eyes are new to me. Your touch is new. Your warm smile is new. Your smell is new. I look at you with so much love, as you’ve fallen asleep beside me. Your face looks so serene. I don’t want to fall asleep. I just want to lay next to you and stare you all night. Is this a dream? Are you for real? Is this really happening to me? I pinch myself. I feel so in love. My heart feels complete.

“Are you the one?” I whisper. “Are you the one I’ve been waiting for?”.
My heart and my soul wish and pray that you are.

How can I be sure that you are the one this time? I have to trust my intuition. I feel an uncontrollable attraction to you. You seem to me so familiar. Like I had known you from a past life, like I have known you all my life. Like I have been waiting for you. I was made for you. It feels like my whole life was made this way to eventually find you in my way. You are so handsome. You are perfect to me. I can’t get enough of you.

I haven’t felt this way with anyone else. That deep connection that we have, the way you look at me, the way you hold me, the way you kiss me, the way you make love to me. This is pure love. This is what love should feel like. Effortless and complete. No, no I can’t be wrong. You are the one. You are my soul mate. The lost soul I was longing to find and that will make my –half- soul whole again. You are my heart’s missing puzzle.

You are still sleeping, having a kind of a smile on your face. You seem happy. Do you feel the same like I do? I wonder. Do you think that I’m the one, too? Or am I just another ordinary girl in your world? How can you ask someone that question? How can someone be sure?

Soulmates are wondering in the world looking to find their matching pair. I always thought that we have only one soul mate. Only one true love. What if I was wrong? What if we have many soul mates? But what if it is karmic to find only one of them? What if that one is lying next to me?

I want to wake you up and tell you that you make me so happy. My eyes are filled with tears of happiness. You bring out the best of me. That I love the way you always support me and listen what I have to say, without judging. You are kind and sweet. And I am so much in love with you. “I love you… “ I –once again- whisper. It’s the first time I tell you that. And it’s the first time I really mean it.

I can’t be wrong, can I? My whole existence says I’m right. I can’t ignore the signs.
But this is the real world. What if we are meant to be together but we aren’t right for each other? What if we can’t make it work?

What if… ?

You have just opened your eyes. All my “what ifs “magically disappear. Those hazel eyes are looking at me with so much warmth. They are looking straight to my soul. I can’t hide anymore. Your smile makes me blush… “I love you..” you whisper. “I love you, too..” I reply.

“Is he the one?” my mind asks my heart. “Is he your lost soulmate? The one you wish to spend the rest of your life with?”

Yes, now I know that he is.

Author: Jane Dali

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