They say that when you find something that makes you happy, you should only go ahead and do more of it. But sometimes, the things that make us happy can be the ones that turn our insides upside down.

I think that in a certain point in life, we all come to learn the hard way that whatever brings us joy and causes our lips to lift all the way up to our ears, is also the most difficult to achieve or possess. If you really think about it, we all have our own aspirations, and we keep telling ourselves that if we manage to succeed in what we deeply desire, we will reach a certain level of euphoria. For example, many are tortured by the state of mind that jubilation will come if we are thinner than we are now, earn more money, live in a bigger/ better located home, have more friends, or find ourselves in a committed romantic relationship. Furthermore, we are all both extremely motivated and discouraged by our dreams and personal ambitions, for the sole reason that even though they keep us alive, passionate, and bullish, the fear of never turning them into reality is indeed the most crippling feeling to ever exist.

Sometimes, we even get so soaked up by the thought of what the future may bring, in such way that we forget to actually lay our heads back for a second and think about all the things that bring blissfulness into our lives at this very moment. Because we sometimes fail to come to terms with the fact that life is a never-ending circle of both failures and successes. Indeed, the adage; “When one door shuts, another one opens widely”, usually outsmarts our own thoughts.

However, it could never be argued that, indeed, we cannot, or will never be able to give up certain yearnings, occupations, or goals that truly make us full of felicity. And let me tell you something; No matter how life plays its little sneaky games, we shouldn’t.

Because the door will never open itself. The door won’t ever open if we give up. So, if you’re deeply passionate about something, keep trying for the sake of the universal religion called Dreaming. 

And what I can promise, is that even if it sometimes seems completely otherwise, no amount of effort will ever go to waste.

But even if we crave something and keep striving for it, it doesn’t mean that we have to get caught up in little things that don’t matter. Because, generally, greed is a great part of human nature. You see, it is quite easy to observe that even when we think we need a certain something to achieve happiness, when we get to have it, we immediately start to need something else. It’s human nature to want what you can’t have.

After all, happiness is such a weird concept, and so is its opposite. Whether we like it or not, one could never achieve an utter, sole state of bliss or dissatisfaction. Because, in the end of the day, life is all about joyful – and sorrowful- moments that take our breath away.

So all you can do is go out there, and make yourself from the books you read and movies you love and words that fold themselves into the stories you write. Make yourself from the sunrises you smile at through sleepy eyes and the sunsets that streak across the sky like a painting. Make yourself from the thoughts you write down at 2 a.m. and what you think about them when you read them the next morning. Make yourself from your favourite characters and what you admire about them.

Make yourself from what you whisper out loud when no one else can hear you. Make yourself from all the times you picked courage over fear. Make yourself from remembering, but not regretting. Make yourself from forgiveness and trying to forgive yourself. Make yourself from every kind word you’ve ever spoken and every thoughtful thing you’ve ever done- you may not remember them, but someone else probably does. Make yourself from experiencing what only you get to experience, and living the life that only you get the chance to live. You get to spend a lifetime creating yourself like an artist creates a painting or a writer creates a character.

 Make yourself out of whatever you want- just make yourself something good. That is what true bliss looks like.

An uncomplete puzzle that only you get to put its pieces together.

Author: Ioanna Vargianiti

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