If there’s anything exceptionally unusual in this world, that would definitely have to be human connection. How strange is it that you suddenly meet someone and they turn out to be this huge part of your life, racing with you through your every day?

And if there’s something as bizarre as that, if not more, that is human expectations. And when it comes to friendships, we all have this commonly held idea that a very special someone will suddenly walk into our lives out of nowhere, and this instant connection between the two of you will flame up- sparks/fireworks and all that jazz, and then, you just know you found your platonic soulmate. Almost like one of these situations when you know you “know”, like back in sixth grade. Well,I mean, that possibility could exist once in a million, or in our wildest dreams- caustically, but in real life, it doesn’t even remotely work in that way. Well, you know, life has a great capability of turning everything upside down.

Ever came across one of this cases you just turned out to bond over something and create an astonishing alliance with someone who firstly achieved nothing but to get on your nerves and made you want to smack them in the face at first? Maybe you were even sure that if you opened up the dictionary and detected the word “asshole” their face would just pop up.

I like to think that usually, when us people instantly fill with hatred over someone, it’s due to the denial that we tend to have, which leads us to refusing that we might have much more in common with someone who didn’t “make that first click” almost purely because we recognise pieces that we dislike on ourselves first. And guys, let’s face it; we are our own worst enemy. So, even the thought of forming any kind of relationship with another you, simply makes your stomach turn. And then, even fear gets in the middle. Imagine having to deal with what you try to run away from Of course, there’s always the case that you just dislike someone simply because that image they have created for themselves in your head, depicts nothing but a negative, snobbish and self-absorbed person that just doesn’t deserve your precious time, or even the try to get to know them. But, let me tell you something; It’s fairly impossible to know each and every aspect of someone and still hate them.

Well, it’s sort of funny, since this kind of people eventually turn out to be of the greatest significance in your life. The way I see it, the most important thing in a friendship is accepting flaws. Embracing imperfection. Loving someone unconditionally, and holding their hand through anything, no matter how twisted life might get. And these are the people you should aspire to have in your life. Flawed people and fucked up situations are the ones who’ll always fascinate you, and differences are what makes the interest become never ending. Just imagine having a clear reflection of yourself in a person, how boring that could get. Shockingly for many, I really want to point out- and i can’t stress that enough, that the opposite of love is indifference, indeed.

Just keep in mind that people find each other in really strange ways. Your whole life can change in the blink of an eye. And if you’re lucky enough, and the right amount of openness, you’ll be able to welcome truly intriguing and captivating beings into your little world, and build a whole another one together. And no matter how weird, awkward, or even obnoxious someone might seem in the beginning, who knows, maybe deep down they’re that special someone you’ve been searching for so long, and the one that you’ll be singing with in the kitchen while cooking dinner after a long, tiring day. Ironically enough, the one that you’ll end up nagging to about that guy you dislike at work, and the hands that will hold yours through thick and thin.

And all it takes is a simple chance.

Author: Ioanna Vargianiti

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