Throughout life’s hard moments, we often tend to lose our true selves. We become detached, removed, and completely remote from the side of us that we used to love. If you think about it, if people were planets, we’d all strive to be Venus. Beautiful, ethereal, colorful, yet imposing in more ways than the ones that meet the eye. However, when we’ve hit rock bottom, we completely forget that what we actually strive for, is to be the Sun. Because exactly what each and every one of us needs is its absolutely stunning glow.

So, if you’re feeling down, or like you’ve lost hope lately, here’s a list to cheer you up, and hopefully make you feel a bit better. Because let’s face it; Loving yourself is the greatest gift one can have.

1) Focus less on winning the approval of others.

Remind yourself that you don’t have to do what everyone else is doing. As the saying goes, “What you do today is important, because you are exchanging a day of your life for it.”  Don’t wait around for someone else to give you permission to live.

2) Distance yourself from those who bring you down.

It’s essential to have great people surrounding you. Being in no relationships at all is way better than being in toxic ones. Your friends and loved ones in life should motivate you, support you, and excite you. Your circle should be well-rounded and supportive, so maybe a good move is to keep it tight. Quality over quantity, always.

3) Forgive your past self.

When you finally confront the darkest aspects of yourself, you will soon realize that, without them, you wouldn’t even be half the person you are at this very moment. If you think about it, every single choice you’ve ever made to this day, whether you consider it “bad” or “good”, has led you to this very point in your life. So get over your past, and finally forgive yourself from what you did, or didn’t do, and live in the moment. Besides, life is a circle of unexpected events and you can never tell what’s next.

4) Embrace the mistakes you haven’t even made yet.

To be happy, successful, and vigorous in the long run, it’s only natural that you must fail sometimes, too. So don’t let your fear of making a certain choice prevent you from making the choice at all. After all, sometimes, the saying “when one door shuts, another one opens widely” can turn out to be true.

5) Start telling yourself what you love about it.

Hey, we’re only here briefly, and if you really think about it, all we will always have besides us in this very short time we get on this planet is ourselves. And it’s important for us to know just how spectacular we are. Because what we see in the mirror often represents our perspective towards the world as a whole, too. Disappointment in others often reflects disappointment in ourselves, and so does acceptance. So does our ability to see potential in others, apart from ourselves. So, it’s easy to conclude that if we’re at a good state within our own head, we will be able to spread this sort of endless beauty and significant love.

Lastly, to be completely honest with you, a random girl on the internet won’t ever be able to make you love yourself. I might have given it a fair try, but at the end of the day, the only one able to show you the love you strive for and desire is no other than your very own self. No matter what, there are endless things that will help you heal and embrace your existence once again. All I can say, giving you my random, sort of unfounded advice, is that whatever list you try to follow, or even if you invent one from the heart, it better be one that makes you happy and lets you be your true, unapologetic self. Because let’s face it;

We’re all pretty damn awesome.

Author: Ioanna Vargianiti

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