‘And so they lived happily ever after’.

This little phrase is how we have fallen for the biggest lie ever told -and we wonder why it is so hard to find our other half. In truth, it is not hard; it is simply that, this other half is different than the one we have created in our minds.

Maybe growing up, we become more realistic and we start realizing that fairytales just don’t exist. But inside, way deep down in there, is a little fire burning for our other half; it just waits there, hoping we will find them, and that will make everything ok.

Οut there, there is surely a soul mate for each of us, but –you might be disappointed– they are definitely not perfect.

There is a person out there completely different from you. When you meet, you will understand, in the very first moments of contact, that he or she is the one for you. You will just know it; you will be completely sure beyond a single doubt.

This person, if you let it, will bring joy to your heart, they will fight for you –and with you- and both of you will become better people. They will offer you comfort, for your broken heart, they will take you by the hand and will make you learn how to love all over again, from the beginning, in the right way, and with care. You will feel the hyper-connection in the air all the time. You will feel comfortable and secure right from the beginning; you will have faith like never before.

Doesn’t it sound like a gift? Of course it does; and it is. But it is not easy to maintain a relationship, even if it is meant to be, because we are humans, and perfection is just a dream. Perfection is not the point, if you take a more careful look at the bigger picture, anyway. Effort is the key to your happiness. If you want my opinion, love doesn’t exist without compromise.

I am not saying that you, or your character, have to be compromised to have a relationship that works. I am just supposing that nothing will come easy to you in this world, so when you feel this different taste in the air, do not give up when the first difficulties come knocking on your door. It’s a moot point to throw what you have away and go on searching for the perfect person. Because, even if you find someone who is supposed to be perfect, either you will hurt yourself when their real personality surfaces or you will get bored with knowing what will happen next, all the time.

After all, this is the real meaning of life. It’s accepting what’s different, fighting to create light and love, and trying, every single day to keep this ultimate feeling alive. Your soul mate is out there, open your eyes and go hunting with your soul as a weapon; not your mind.

Author: Anta Koskina

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