Spicy alert! It’s time to be raunchy… and deviant. Let us talk about some real stuff. It’s been a hot topic for years, yet there is no answer to be found. But who are we kidding, we’re talking about people, right?

I shall say only one word and you’ll get the meaning; size, my darlings. Not one of your bras, tops, shirts, and pants. I mean the other one, you know, the one that makes us moan and bite our lips. In the end, should it be big, small, average?

Well, let’s say you’re out somewhere having a drink. A good atmosphere in the place, with an energetic vibe – and, all of a sudden, you see him. Tall and masculine, with a great style. You both spot each other and, alas, the game is on. You can’t keep your hands in one place, you subconsciously have the urge to touch your hair.

You try to gaze at him secretly there before he turns his look on you, but he catches you red-handed. So you smile, and he nods with a crooked smile – he’s on to you. The moment has come, and you hear his husky voice; you try to look away and hide the anxiety but without any luck. The conversation is all lopsided smiles and small talk, but the only thing that’s pretty obvious by now is the fact you want to jump his bones. He gets that signal immediately, and luckily he has thought about you naked, driving him crazy in his bed.

In the paragraph above, there is no way you didn’t try to imagine how his little friend might be like; unless you’re one of these prudish girls that miss all the fun – but that’s not my problem anyway. And because we’re that honest and deviant, you probably imagined a well-served big present waiting for you to play with.

Yes, folks, I’m on that side of the team. Now, don’t imagine all we want is a humongous monster coming at us! We don’t want to look at it and run for the hills. It’s just that it should be big enough to enter us deeply and make us scream loudly. It has to be felt each and every time, in your every thrust. Our most hated question is “Is it in yet?” and we couldn’t be more proud of it. And don’t forget also that it’s the most useful tool in your arsenal, which can make our legs tremble and us screaming your name. Score 100 for the gentleman, Mr. Big, folks!

On the other side though, I imagine you girls, the ones that started cursing and swearing about how superficial some of us are while reading the above. “It’s not all about the size”, I hear you say, “it’s the level of hardness and connection you have with each other”. That might be true – till the day you’re not only asking if it is in or not but you’re also one step away for murdering him because you can’t come.

And trust me, ladies, you don’t want that. I know, connection plays an important role in this case – but this road will not take you very far in the variety you wish to have in your bed. Why? Because when you decide you want to mix things up and try something new, you won’t enjoy it – guaranteed. Have you ever heard about the positions in sex? Good. You won’t be able to try almost any of them; at least that’s what I’ve heard from a friend of mine. I swear to god, I’ve never seen an angrier woman in my entire life. Yes, she’s the one that has sex but can’t enjoy it! Guess why…

So yes, I’m here to say it – size matters. Period. And don’t you ever forget it.

Author: Victoria A. Dimou

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