Many things have been suggested for the sake of our pleasure in sex; from sexy lingerie, to dirty talk, to BDSM “stuff” … and the list keeps going. Fairly usual, you might think. Yeah, I know – but no one ever denied that some of the usual stuff can really turn the heat up.

That being said, here’s a classic one that brings conflict in conversations and tension in the bedroom: spanking. Whether it is the one on the butt or the one cheek, sometimes it derives from that wild side we all got hidden deep enough – and it comes out when the person opposite unleashes it. Or does this happen all the time?

I don’t know the answer to that. All I know is, sometimes spanking gets us off; and it usually happens at the most random intimate moments. Whether you are having a quickie outside, or in a bistro bathroom, in the car, in a quiet park, at the beach … a small slap comes from nowhere, and man, the game is on. If it occurs in the beginning along with the foreplay, then of course you have to get your revenge. You get more aggressive, you just want squeeze the hell out of your beau; let’s not forget the biting folks! Don’t tell me you don’t want to do it- it’s part of this beautiful and raunchy revenge. Hair gets tangled, your skin bruises, your eyes shine with passion and lust, and of course you can’t get enough of it. Imagine this scene now anywhere outside, not in your bedroom. (Did you just raise your eyebrows?) I know, I know. This is part when you just pull them by their hair.

And the pace just quickens, and quickens even more. Whether you’re making noise or you’re on complete silent mode, it doesn’t matter. What matters is, at that moment, the only thing that crosses your mind is how unbelievable it is that this person is inside of you. But it’s not that sweet love making; at least not for now. It’s the time of complete domination, and in this case, of male domination.

And we like it when you fellas get to be the alpha males, instructing us what to do, keeping us at your mercy. We also like it when we’re asking you to do so. Maybe once, or more if you have a habit of doing it, you may hear the words “I want you to spank me.”

Some of you may think it’s a bit violent, or completely out of your style. But we’re not talking about violence here, only sex and passion. Just keep mind the saying “Make love, not war”. It’s about the exchange of power, between the two partners. Sometimes it’s just one partner having all of it and doing anything with it. Whatever that is, who doesn’t like it, or even care about what it is?

Who would say no to their beau wanting to make them “suffer” with pleasure? My bet is that there’ll be very few people not wanting that, and this is okay. After all, we shouldn’t forget personal preferences. Some like it raw, steamy, wild and passionate and with a bit of spanking to get the tension going on. They like the surrender, the screaming, the intensity of lust. Others like it slow, sensual, and tender. They long for the sweetness, the kisses that come in between, the gazing, the low lighting in the room. Every move is careful, attentive and follows a specific path.

Beautiful isn’t it?

And what makes it even more beautiful, is the moment when you find someone that brings out both the wild and sensual out of you simultaneously.

Author: Victoria A. Dimou

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