“Aren’t you all tired of sleeping next to the same man for over 25 years?” This question had been wandering around my head for quite some time. How is it possible to get in bed at night, knowing very well that the next morning you will be waking up next to the same face you woke up yesterday? And the day before that, the month before that, the decade before that?

You know he snores and grindes his teeth while he’s asleep. He twists and turns numerous times during the night not allowing you to sleep well. The sides of the bed had been assigned to each one of you a long time ago. You are now certain that the mystery among you two has been long gone, as he’s no longer embarrassed to even fart in front of your face. And still, you insist on being dedicated to this man – why?

I bet there are thousands of men out there who are way more handsome and know how to treat you better than this lame dude you get to call your husband, your boyfriend, your lover. Just because you’ve made a mistake some years ago, it does not necessarily mean that you should stick to your decision forever. As older generations taught us how we ought to stay committed to our partner, whether in a relationship or a marriage.

From what I’ve read in a trustworthy survey, the number one reason on why long term couples separate is the lack of sex. Surprisingly, cheating is labeled number six. Wake up people, “no sex” equals cheating. If he isn’t sleeping with you, of course, he will be fucking with someone else. Monogamy is just a dreamy theory. Most four-legged creatures in the animal kingdom are not monogamous, why should we? For fuck’s sake, we are not doves. It’s not the end of the world if our mate – leaves us. There are seven billion people on this planet and you still discuss about monogamy as if it’s the most beautiful thing in the world.

Well, guess what? It’s not. To be sleeping with the same individual for the rest of your life often means to be performing the same scenarios and positions over and over again. Even if you are the kinkiest person with the most vivid fantasy. What happens when you are left out of places to have sex in or run out of ideas for role-playing?

«You do a threesome or try swinging. There’s no other way I am sticking to a relationship, let alone a marriage.» He said to me once, while we were having lunch. Shocked by what he had just uttered, I blushed. “Two” is the number I have using so far in my erotic involving and “two” it shall remain…or not?

Have you ever considered why Italians are presumed to be the top lovers worldwide? How come my country or your country is nowhere to be found among the top ten countries with the best lovers? Italians are the ones who pioneered in swinging, they just love exchanging partners. French might have invented the blowjob but Italians obviously know how to lead the game of fun in bed. Consequently, that does the explaining of how the divorce rating in Italy is lower compared to other countries.

A little bit of orgy combined with a little bit of swinging is what keeps that population away from divorcing. No, it’s not to be considered as cheating if both sides agree to it. Refreshing and adventurous, it drives the solemnly married couple back together to the same bed where it all started. Mating with others leads the couple to become thirstier than ever to try new things. They get to miss each other, and thus they are more willing to conquest each other as if it is the first time they are making love.

Being sexually aroused is one of the biggest pleasures in life. If having sex is interpreted as sleeping in my assigned side, doing the old missionary position with the lights turned off and, most of all, silently, then no. This is not what I want to and neither a man or a woman who prioritizes pleasure should compromise with this. You don’t deserve this and I don’t deserve this. If it does not include passion and lust, I don’t need it.

Monogamy is just a theory that possessive people refer to and make use of, in order to threaten their lover. Without taking any sides between monogamous and polygamous lovers, I would like to say that there is no right or wrong choice.

If you choose to stay committed to your partner for as long as you are together, fine – just go ahead and do it. If that makes you feel better with yourself there’s absolutely no problem. To remain faithful to someone forever is an overwhelming achievement, kudos to you. You are stronger and more respectful than you think, for not yielding at the temptation while you could. That stands true, of course, if the one who’s sleeping next to you right now, fucks you and treats you like the queen or king that you are.

If, on the other hand, you stubbornly insist on keeping a relationship that does not fulfill you and you don’t have sex with others just because it is socially perceived as unacceptable, then I am sorry, but you’re a moron. There are many people out there wondering what it would be like to meet someone like you, let alone to make love to such an erotic creature like you.

That does not mean to “go ahead and fuck anything that moves”, but let yourself to loosen up a bit, will you? First, regain your freedom by separating from the inadequate one and then you can have the whole male or female population to your feet. Apparently, Italians must be doing something right in order to pioneer the league of the world’s best lovers.

Author: Marianna Ioannou

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