There are things in sex we see in movies that make us question their validity and beauty. One of the most debatable issues is simultaneous orgasm. It appears so easy and effortless in films, but is it really? And is it really worth the fuss that’s been going on about it? The most romantic souls look for it every time they make love to their partner and the rest want to experience it just for the sake of it; just to confirm or reject the theory that wants the simultaneous orgasm to be the ultimate bonding experience of a couple.

I can tell you this much. Simultaneous orgasm can and does happen. Not quite sure if it’s just a matter of perfect timing or if there are any secrets behind it, though. It is a fact that women who have experienced it claimed to have felt a closer connection to their partner after that and had a comparatively longer orgasm, whereas men found it no different to climaxing at a different point during sex.

It’s also quite probable that the kind of sex we have has a significant role to play in whether climaxing at the same time as our partner will be like the 4th of July’s fireworks or just another nice experience we had as a couple.

I mean, you can’t really expect someone who’s into sticks and stones during sex and wants to express his animal instincts to actually pay much attention to this kind of orgasm. It would be like expecting him to enjoy tantra. They simply won’t. There are people who only enjoy sex if it’s physically intense.

If, on the other hand, you are a hopeless romantic who loves kisses, whispers in the ear and lots of soft touching and eye contact during sex, then you will find this experience one of best – if not THE best – of your life.

It’s not the simultaneous orgasm we are after per se. It’s the supposed bonding that comes with it. A slower and more cuddly-lovey lovemaking are more likely to help us get to it.

Two bodies moving slowly and in perfect harmony, eyes lovingly looking at each other expressing lust and passion at the same time, soft sighs and words of affection can lead to it. The ground has to be well-prepared to reach the desirable goal of coming at the same time; and by well-prepared I mean, of course, foreplay.

By the time you are done, every inch of your bodies will be craving to feel the other person, so wet that you could come at their next touch or their next whisper. It’s at that moment you lose yourself and surrender completely to each other. Your two bodies are one, you might arrogantly smile inside feeling that you managed to get that fire burning and you are both ready to put it out. And then it comes. You actually both come, together, at the same time, fireworks and all. One’s moans will make the other come harder and the whole thing will actually seem more intense.

On a second thought, I guess this will get the two of you closer. It’s not just your bodies you synchronize; it’s your soul and mind too. And correct me if I’m wrong, but you cannot do that with someone you are not attracted to. It takes a lot of chemistry and practice and it’s quite rewarding once achieved.

A simultaneous orgasm is wonderful – it will take your relationship to a whole new level and it will change the way your lover sees you. It might even make you feel that all of your previous sexual experiences were close to zero after this. Perhaps it’s that you get both a sexual and emotional climax simultaneously, perhaps it’s something else. Who am I to tell? All I know is that you deserve to find it at least once in your sex life.

Author: Georgia Efstratiou

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