The very thought of you has my legs spread wide open, like an empty canvas, begging for art. And baby, I’d be lying if I said you make me speechless, because every time I remotely try to talk to you, I almost forget what language to speak in. I sometimes even wonder; How can you turn a forest fire like me into running water with just a few words of yours? Maybe it’s your voice, or your beautiful written words that undress me.

“I love what you do to me”, you typed. “I loved it since you came and sat completely naked beside me on the bed, and I love it now that I almost hear you say my name, with that queer accent of yours, and I have to admit, it almost drives me crazy thinking of you being here.  You arouse me in such a huge mixture of feelings. Only come to me, and it will be beautiful, that’s the only thing I can promise.”

That’s the only form of sext I would now like to receive. I’m really becoming fed up with the great lack of inventiveness that usually goes with a simple picture of your genitalia. I mean, come on, level up your game a bit.Well, I strongly believe that sexting has turned out to become, if anything else, particularly dull. While most of us now lack in originality and resourcefulness, it is considered absolutely moronic for sexting to be much more than just suggestive texts, but instead to be poetic, interesting, and keep you begging for more as it keeps going. And hey, I’m not saying that you need to build a whole scenario just to send a few kinky messages, but if you wish to capture that person’s attention, and even have a chance for it to evolve to something much more fun than simple, written messages you might want to get a bit more imaginative.

And then some say it’s the mind you have to fuck first. And that maybe it’s the eyes and not a lustful body that marked your insides.

Maybe you do need to mindfuck someone in the beginning after all. I mean, sure, sending a sexy text might be a great way to set the mood and all, and even have a form of pleasure while in the comfort of your own couch, without having to worry about the person you’re doing it with wanting to cuddle afterwards. But, point is, why would you wish to communicate with another human being if all you seek for is five minutes of provocative entertainment?

Don’t get me wrong, but you might just as well watch porn. If you’re not actually talking with the one you’re chatting with there really is nothing much to talk about. I think, the whole point of sexting, is, touching someone, without even touching them, and vice versa. Making their mind wander in your direction, and thinking of better ways to use your mouth than just to talk to you. To make them want to wrap their fingers around your hair and pull as hard as they can, and make music out of you. To need your hands not to hold their hands, and your lips not to kiss theirs, but other places. And for you to to pull a whole new language out of one another. To give them a taste of that honey you’ve been saving for so long.

And for others, sexting may not be so much more than a suggestive message. For many, it might be poetry, art and your lust for them that has their legs spread apart.

Maybe letting them know that they can be the reason that sadness can feel like an illusion because of them. Or that their eyes hold the colours of the treetops, and even though they are ever changing, they are still the most beautiful thing you have ever laid your eyes upon, or that they look like an angel, even if they’re really a demon to you and your longing for them. Or that they’re your favourite memory, even if it’s still not the sweetest or nicest one. To leave them a form of hickey in their mind, you and only you are allowed to see.

You know, as Henry Miller once said;

“I too love everything that flows: rivers, sewers, lava, semen, blood, bile, words, sentences.”

But just imagine fitting all of the above in a text.  A never ending river of sentences, full of words that overflow with your lust, and your lava, burning, showing from the inside.

That is a groundbreaking sext.

Author: Ioanna Vargianiti

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