Your lover is impatiently waiting for you in the bedroom. But you want to look absolutely perfect when you get there. You long for a night of pure hot, steaming sex. So, you have spent the last twenty minutes or so in the bath, preparing for that. Now, you are perfectly shaved and perfumed and you are wearing your brand new sexy lingerie. Working out for the last two months has started to pay off and you are finally all set to go. As you step out of the bath decisively, you get a glimpse of yourself in the big mirror of the hallway, and you find way too many imperfections. “Not tonight”, you think and you once again turn off the lights as you enter the bedroom to get to your excited partner.

Okay, no worries here. Sex in the dark can be awesome. It requires the use of your imagination and involves the element of surprise and mystery. With the sense of vision blocked, other senses are boosted. Especially touching in complete darkness, can be a huge turn on. But, it might not turn out like that, and you might not enjoy your love sessions if you choose to keep the lights off for all the wrong reasons. Especially if they keep your mind occupied and do not let you relax. These reasons mostly concern insecurities about your body. Or the shyness you cannot overcome about being completely exposed like that to someone.

Such insecurities have no gender. The same goes for you and your lover.  I am 100% sure, though, that your partner between the sheets already knows that you don’t actually have the perfect curves of Scarlett Johansson or the super fit body of Chris Evans but they like you. They choose you and want you as you are. So, try to stop worrying too much about such things. Before all else, when it is actually happening. Then again, there are people that can’t fight it. So, if you don’t feel ok with that at all and it is going to ruin it completely for you, don’t push yourself. Keep it off.

For now.

But, bear in mind that it is more than possible that your lover would like to be able to see you with all your little, or bigger, imperfections as you give pleasure to each other. Because, let’s face it; it’s hot. Naked bodies, facial expressions and those subtle sexy moves that hide in the dark are part of the sexual game. Do not forget that most of the guys and many women are visual types and would be more intrigued and turned on by a lights on sensual experience. Plus, watching the whole thing happen, keeps you more involved to it and more connected to your partner. So, think it over.  It would be super cool if you could overcome some of your worries and indulge in sexual intercourse for all senses. At least, give it a try. If it doesn’t make you feel good, you can always go back to your previous habit next time.

The key is to choose whatever suits you and your partner best, but also let aside all other worries during sex and just enjoy the pleasures it has to offer. And of course, don’t forget that repetition is always tiring. So, even if you are only a lights-on or lights-off type try to change from lights off to lights on, sexual lights or candlelight sex once in a while to give a different taste to your sexual experiences and keep the excitement alive.

Author: Sofia Argyriadou

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