You meet and after a few dates, you decide it’s time to take the game to third base. You prepare yourself, you make sure you look super-nice and tidy and you pray that your friend down there won’t disappoint you. You want him to last for as long as possible because you have to please your lady and create a perfect first impression. You don’t want her to think that you are selfish or incompetent and sex is, after all, really important in a relationship.

Your night runs smoothly, she gives you the green light and the two of you end up in bed. Your confidence is set up high and you are certain your moves will send her off. Besides, you practiced the whole thing a million times in your mind. But, surprise, surprise! Ten minutes in and while you are still in foreplay and you might not even have taken your pants off you can hear her panting and you can feel her shaking. Is she really coming? No, she can’t be. Well, she just did.

At least she’s not a man and you can keep going at it. Plus, she has just boosted your manly ego and your sex drive. You’ve barely even touched her and she climaxed. You are thinking that maybe she hasn’t had sex in a while and all of her senses were immediately aroused by your touch or maybe you are that irresistible.

Every other move you make on her sends her to another orgasm to the point that she makes you wonder if she is faking at some point. By the time you decide to make the big move and penetrate her, she’s come tens of times and you just can’t stop but think that that’s your lucky day.

You might think that after a few times in bed with you the whole multi-orgasm thing will subside, but no. It can only get more intense because you get to know her and all of her buttons. It’s just how she is.

There are women who can climax pretty easily. Anything can set them off from dirty talking to sensational touches. It’s that simple and easy for them to come. Nothing’s wrong with them; if anything you should feel lucky.

The right look and a few words and you have her under your spell, knowing it’s only minutes before you can feel her trembling and sweating beneath you. If you come to think about it, she comes… you can come any time after her without feeling guilty that you haven’t satisfied your girl.

I mean, think of the alternative man. Hours and hours – okay maybe it’s not hours but it feels like it – of you trying to make her come, changing positions and trying everything before you can hear her moaning; if you haven’t come before her and you have to face her irritated looks and nasty words.

Oh, and have you ever got home exhausted and all you wanted to do was shower and go to bed but your girl was in the mood for it and already pretty horny? The idea of her coming almost immediately is super awesome and – might I say – handy. It might even set you in the mood for it.

When you are with a woman you can climax easily, you get reassured that anything you do can turn her on; you turn her on. Every time you see her pupils dilating and you can feel her whole body in spasms and sweating, you know that she’s still into you.

Her buttons are plenty and the things that send her off even more. And you, my friend, are the lucky lad who gets to have this girl. Just make sure you keep her hydrated.

Author: Georgia Efstratiou

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