When the term “single mum” is encountered, a negative feeling is usually created. The first images flashing the average someone’s mind are the ones of an abandoned, helpless creature, who was led to unwanted pregnancy and now has to sacrifice her poor self for the future of her childsniff!

Worry not. The truth fairy is here to prove you that being a single mum (upon the choice of course) has nothing to do with drama and victimizing. Rest assured that by the end of this article, your view on the matter will broaden, or even change.

Establishing a relationship under solid ground is a rather hard task nowadays. Despite any given previous experience, people still fail legendarily when it comes to emotional matters. Every single one carries the luggage of previous relationships, such as obsessions, fears, and insecurities, which can even be significantly ineffective in adding the prefix “long-term” to a current one. More and more people prefer being single or find comfort in one-night stands or friendships with benefits. This situation, however, is nothing but ideal for a pregnancy and all the commitment it demands. Screw marriages and other fancy ceremonies; we are only talking about mutual dedication, which is a time-consuming procedure.

Unfortunately, women don’t have all the time in the world available when it comes to fertility; contrary to men, who can literally take their time and become fathers whenever they feel like it. Wouldn’t it be perfectly sane, if a woman who wanted to be a mother but feels that time is running out without meeting the “Mr. Perfect”, simply borrowing his DNA from a sperm bank? No obligations, no potential commitment issues. Clean and simple.

Apart from personality matters, the modern way of life requires career dedication from all sexes. The time when the family house was the wife’s ecosystem is way lost and forgotten. Not only women do work, but they also hold leadership positions, a fact that increases their revenues, but multiplies their responsibilities at the same time. Even if they wanted to become role-models as mothers or wives, there is no time for everything and many potential partners stand against this. However, it should not prevent anyone from maternity, if this is desired. If she is determined, artificial insemination is a viable solution and a lifetime partner can come later in time.

A single mum is not a victim and the idea shouldn’t scare. On the contrary, it is a logical choice and even though in almost everyone’s mind the ideal family model consists of two parents, a woman should have the choice to become a mother whenever she feels her biological clock ticking.  

Author: Tina Barbatsalou

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