“When you really, truly, madly, deeply want something, the universe will conspire for you to have it right there in your arms”, paraphrasing what Paulo Coelho wrote in “The Alchemist” and millions of people literally started worshiping him and the quote. Ever since, everyone started using it in their everyday life, writing it on walls, blogs, Tumblr quotes, personalized notepads, etc. It became the motto of every single hurt soul on the planet, who was waiting for something to fall from the sky and change their not-so-pretty little lives once and for all.

My dear tormented souls, I can reassure you that the only one who benefited from the “conspiracies of the universe” was Paulo Coelho himself, who apparently became a millionaire, judging by the book sales and the trademark phrase. And you know why, right? Because one day in a Brazilian neighborhood, he opened a word document, started writing, took the manuscript to a publishing house and we all know how the rest of the story went.

Now you’re probably wondering what the hell I am trying to tell you. I will be brief. The universe doesn’t give a single fuck about us. It doesn’t care if Mary is dating John if George should be punished because he is singing “Cotton-eyed Joe” in the bathtub at 3 in the morning or if Stella will get a promotion because she is donating to charity organizations even though she doesn’t know how to work on a spreadsheet.

We are so small for the universe, my dears. To be honest, we are a strand of its pubic hair; something of very low importance. This earth revolves around the sun and not around us. But let’s leave egocentric people aside. They can be irritating but not as much as the others. You all know what I’m talking about. Those who think that the universe owes them something, so they just sit, wait and, overall, complain. A lot.

People who haven’t tried hard for something, people who expect that riches and wealth fall from the sky without them having to move their asses from their couches, people who have barely worked a day in their lives. They never stop requesting rewards without moving a single finger. Let’s avoid talking about relationships because there we are dealing with male and female “princesses” (Yes, I’m using the characterization for the men as well because even Prince charming had to fight off some evil queen or dragon to get the girl) who somehow believe that not only they will stumble upon the pretty good catch on the first try, but also that this catch will be their servant for eternity. There is no reason; just because… potatoes.

Trust me, if such a thing as karma existed, the particular ones would be the first name to cross off on its kill list and instead of gold and goods, the sky would be showering frogs, mud, stones and even more (feel free to add whatever you like so I don’t get completely vulgar).

So, no, if you don’t get up and get moving nothing will happen. The universe will not intervene for your well being and success, your love life or your professional life or your sex life. It might help you along the way, but it won’t be doing all the work for you while you sip margaritas on the beach waiting for it to “do its thing”.

It is a law of nature, my dears. Nothing good will come if we won’t try. Some times we may even need to struggle, and fail many times, until we achieve our goals. However, it’s all up to us and our determination other than up to the will of the universe.

Let’s try more, succeed, and let the “princesses” believe otherwise.

Author: Tina Barbatsalou

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