Irene’s story is one of these urban fairy tales everyone would crave to experience. Its ingredients are an ounce of surprise, a pinch of magic, a great amount of charm, and a drop of disappointment when pricked by the spinning wheel.

It was yet another boring evening and Irene was having a drink with her girlfriends after work at the pub nearby. She was desperately waiting for a chance to leave, since the ongoing conversations were nothing more than a music track in continuous repeat, varying from the boss’ new haircut to the color of recently acquired underwear.

She was gazing indifferently at the bar, wondering whether to order a second pint or not when his presence captured her attention. A slender figure, dressed in a black coat and sitting alone by the DJ decks, enjoying a glass of bourbon and probably humming some tune.

By the very moment, she set eyes on him, her will to go home disappeared, while the world started spinning around how he would notice her presence. All of a sudden, the previously boring conversation gave her the chance to blend in and start making some noise, laughing loudly just to seek attention. Her efforts were not in vain; the guy looked instantly, and then went back to the bourbon and his thoughts.

“There’s an open window to strike”, she thought. A few seconds later, she went towards the DJ’s side, asking for him to play “Henry Lee”, by Nick Cave and P.J.Harvey. He seemed to have taken the bait since he directly gave her a sharp look. He was looking all messed up and determined at the same time. She bit her lips and tried to think of something quickly to break the ice. In the meanwhile, he started talking.

“Poor Henry Lee”, he said. “He fell for her teasing and his greed got him killed.”

She was surprised but failed to say something impressive.

“He shouldn’t have betrayed her.”

“Here comes the ’Girls United’ club”, he giggled.

She stayed surprised for a while, realizing how much she liked the wrinkles on his face when he smiled. It was as if all of the distance he was keeping went away in the blink of an eye.

“Did you know that Nick Cave and P.J. were actually dating?” she asked, mainly trying to hide her nervousness.

“Well, as it seems, passion doesn’t last forever”, he replied.

“This is why one should live it to the maximum then”, she defended. “Let’s drink to this”.

Blame it on the booze, the excitement, or a bit to both, she doesn’t recall much from that night. The next thing she could remember was her friends leaving, and then she found herself in a dark alley in his embrace, casually chatting and pointlessly arguing. They were locked in a staring contest for some time. His look was distant but warm at the same time. She didn’t want to give in. She already felt mindfucked. Otherwise, she wouldn’t have gone that far with someone she barely knew. On the other hand, she was craving for more. “No more talking”, she whispered. She kissed him out of the blue; it was her turn to catch him unprepared. He kissed nicely, but with no passion at all. She touched his face, giving him a disappointed look. For no reason, his kisses started being passionate.

Before she even noticed, his hand slipped underneath her clothes and moved to her underwear. She didn’t resist and was actually enjoying it, until the moment he unzipped his pants. This was not going to happen. She was lost somewhere between dizziness and passion but no, she wouldn’t give him the pleasure of controlling her. On the other hand, she wouldn’t stop there as well, so she kneeled and put herself in charge. Feeling him satisfied by her touch, lips and bites were somehow more pleasant than their mutual surrender. Maybe she wanted to put him under her control, after the mind tricks he played on her during the whole night.

Their adventure didn’t last much longer. They said goodnight and goodbye kiss, with her biting him in the end. While walking away, she saw him touching the bottom part of his lip in pain. “This is to remember me”, she thought “you’ll never have me completely”.

Despite the moral satisfaction, she sometimes still thinks about him and regrets taking that decision. Deep inside, she still hopes to bump into him somewhere and put a different end in this story. Maybe sometimes being impulsive is the only thing that matters after all.

Author: Tina Barbatsalou

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