The meaning of opposites existed since the very first moment of the Big Bang. The world around us is full of them; night versus day, good versus evil, sea versus mountains, extroverts versus introverts. The last ones actually require a whole scientific field dedicated to them and no conclusions will ever be made. I have to admit it, though. Introverts are not my favorite category of people.

To be honest, I’m afraid of them. People with permanent pokerfaces, who never reveal anything about themselves. Sorry, but this kind of mystery is not intriguing at all. I’m not attracted to not knowing the person sitting on the other side of the table. And I don’t feel any excitement in wild guessing. I don’t have patience or time to lose. Let them bluff as much as they want; I’m already out. I folded.

They seem shy and reserved. People tend to admire them, because they are so damn politically correct. They don’t spare words or actions. I never was able to understand how they are able to be comfortable without expressing their opinions. Don’t they feel happy when something good happens, sad when something bad occurs, or even revolted when facing an unfair situation? There must be something… It just can’t be anything at all!

They are boring. Either it is related to shyness or fear of exposure, you end up talking to the void. Their conversational topics are even more restricted and if they could use only the basic words, they would have already done it.

I bet they have a list of “safe” phrases hanging over their beds, varying from “what’s the weather like?” to “have a nice day”, “I need to use the bathroom” and “I have bills to pay”. This way, none of their precious information will leak and they will always have pleasant encounters.

They live behind closed windows and shutters as if the smallest ray of light entering their rooms will reveal the secrets they are struggling to keep for themselves. Truth be told, they are giving them more importance than needed. Get over already! No one cares!

Socializing? Forget about it. Only if it is a great necessity. Oh, really? Why don’t you go live in a deserted island instead? Wilson –yes, the ball– would be your perfect companion. Since you hate interactions so much, why do you keep insisting on your opinion and being obnoxious when someone disagrees? Let’s assume that you don’t like excessive reactions or feelings. Then, can you please explain to me why you are trying so hard to make others embrace your opinion?

I’m wondering; aren’t they unhappy? Are they so used to not showing anything, that they are actually fine with it? Don’t they ever have needs? Don’t they have emotional overflows?

They make terrible friends and partners; this term actually doesn’t exist in their vocabulary. Friendship and love demand mutual respect and exposure. These words are forbidden for an introvert. This is the reason why they might have many acquaintances, but very few good friends; or no friends at all. You can’t establish trust without sharing or opening up.  I love readable people; preferably open books. People who keep it simple and don’t make your life harder by forcing you to use a crystal sphere in order to read their needs.

My dear introvert, if you are reading these lines, do me a favor. Show your feelings to a beloved one, laugh loudly at a joke, screw your anger management and shout, cry during a movie. It might be hard at first, but you will be excited to discover a world that was so close to you after all.

Author: Tina Barbatsalou

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