“Oh God, I haven’t stopped running for the whole day, my life sucks! Sophie is on a diet, she started working out and I have to pay the price. There is no way I can catch up with her when we run at the park. Dude, I’m exhausted!

I hope she won’t insist on me eating all the vegetarian crap she consumes. Oh! The doorbell rang. I bet it’s Sam again, than son of a bitch! Our relationship was hate at first sight. If it wasn’t for Sophie who loves him, I would have cut him into little pieces with no regrets. I am still wondering why he calls her “bitch” when they fight. We don’t look that much alike.”

A dog’s life can be tough after all.

These were the thoughts tormenting Mayra, Sophie’s West Highland terrier, at least until the ball passed in front of her. Their connection was strong ever since Mayra had the size of a shoe. The hormones a dog’s body produces when seeing their owner are to blame for their excellent relationship since they are similar to the ones humans produce when they fall in love. However, Sam continued being a big problem.

He never showed any kind of good behavior towards her. When he was left alone with Mayra, he even slapped her if she dared to bark a bit.

He actually hates whatever has four legs, flies, or crawls. Moreover, he was completely unable to understand how people can love pets and live with them in the same apartment. In his own little universe, dogs were only useful for guarding livestock. Quite frequently, his father wouldn’t bother poisoning noisy dogs around the neighborhood or throwing new-born kittens in the river, because they were “too much trouble”.

Sophie of course was not aware of any of those incidents. She only remembers his disappointed face when she told him that she is a proud dog owner during their first date. However, he still dreams of the moment that he will poison Mayra and make it look like an accident to Sophie.

There are three categories of people; animal lovers, animal haters, and the ones that have worse instincts than wild animals themselves. Sam clearly belongs to the latter. Such a pathological hatred is completely absurd unless an individual has suffered injuries after an attack or other life-threatening experiences.

It is reasonable for someone not liking animals and keeping a distance from them. On the other hand, the urge to harm them reveals a cruel aspect of their character.

When an animal lover dates a dedicated animal hater, it is hard to maintain the balance when it comes to having a pet in the house, especially when one of the sides does not reveal its true intentions. Unfortunately, they emerge after some time, with way worse results. For instance, it would be better if Sam asked for Sophie to lock Mayra in the room next door instead of trying to kick her.

Despite the cases of hate, there are also some other factors of dislike towards pets. One of them is envy. There are various cases of people complaining that their better half loves the pet more than them. Others just believe that a pet is a useless expense, since its veterinary care and nutrition cost a significant amount of money.

For all these reasons and many more, “do you have any pets” should definitely be an essential first date question.

Author: Tina Barbatsalou

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