When we are kids, we dream of a luxurious life. Becoming princesses, princes, football players, actors or actresses and generally whatever is glamorous, shiny and brings a lot of money. Who would say that they would not want to live in a villa –or a castle– with a swimming pool, some expensive cars and a private yacht? Personally I wouldn’t! However, when we grow up a little bit, somewhere around our early teens, things change.

The prince and the princess of the fairy tale become the most handsome guy or most beautiful and popular girl of the school. Who gives a damn about money? However, most of the times the object of desire remains a dream and we end up with the guys or girls with braces, who at least record mix tapes and pay for a sundae or a ticket to the movies. There’s nothing much to ask for and undoubtedly those eras were the best. No demands, no requests; and happiness is found in the little things.

As we grow up though, things change. Young adults are no longer satisfied by tickets to the movies and of course tapes have been replaced by mp3s. Kindness and caring are no longer the only priority. We ask for some dignity, someone who can coexist with us; and even a shoulder to cry on. It’s not random that most high school relationships end at the age of 18; because someone advanced in life more than the other. People need changes; and the romantic –let’s call them fools– fools of the high school era are long gone and forgotten. Romance by itself is not enough if they are lazy asses.

This however is the point where the big misunderstandings start. Leaving someone who doesn’t want to do something else with their lives -or who you are no longer in love with- is totally reasonable but leaving them because you want to go live parasitically somewhere else, is not. One can complain about someone’s inactivity, if they actually do something on their own. The majority of those cases though belong to the other category.

Those who start something new only because of the financial comfort or stability the other has. Having, as an alibi, that they had a terrible time in the past, they grab the next victim from the throat -should we say from the wallet instead?  

It doesn’t really matter if they like these people or not, if they have any feelings for them other than the love for the depth of their pocket and they can actually treat them like female praying mantises (in human life it’s unisex, don’t worry). They don’t hesitate leaving someone once they have sucked everything material they have. To be honest, this happens in extreme cases. Most of them get bored somewhere in the middle, leave them for someone more attractive (same old story), while some others –the worst type– stay in a relationship for the money and keep on cheating.

Which is actually pretty sad; knowing that people who disrespect others and themselves that much are still out there in the wild.

Author: Tina Barbatsalou

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