I have absolutely no idea how people live, exist, and work under the same patterns. Routine is enough in work and studies; we do not need to add it to our everyday or love life. Unfortunately, people like to be labeled and keep their fixed choices, without any curiosity on how things are on the other side. Honestly, it is a big struggle to understand how they do it.

Let’s take a simple example. You, label-fans, want to tell me that a person who avoids relationships and only has one-night stands has never wanted to spend a night cuddling with someone on the sofa and doing nothing but watching a movie?

Ok, they might be allergic to commitment, but everyone would enjoy some slacking or moments of tenderness with a person of the opposite sex, other than a wild night, and a walk of shame afterward. They may even be afraid to admit that they enjoy these moments; they certainly have built a strong fort against feelings and they fear that any expression of them would penetrate their armor.

Trying however, wouldn’t harm anyone.

On the other hand, you have the ones who avoid everything related to “adventurous” situations and embrace the “relationship-or-nothing” dogma. They really could do with some flirting. Not every interaction involving some chemistry would end up in a relationship and its consequent serious routine.

Foreplay, making out, and even one-night-stands should also exist in their schedule without thinking if they should call and arrange a date the next day or, even worse, start over-thinking and imagining how it the relationship, married life and their silver anniversary would look like. The relationship-type people are also quite snobbish against temporary adventures. Some feel guilty, others just hate it, but the worst-case scenario involves the ones who regard it as the ultimate sin.

Chill out, dudes!

You aren’t going to burn in hell if you have fun once or twice (maybe even more).

It is just called diversity, my fellows. That mystery of the universe that prevents us from dying of boredom! Almost magic, isn’t it? A day, a week, or even a month of different habits will not change the way people perceive the world and react accordingly. On the contrary, it can even be a pleasant change. Obviously, it is not the end of days and, if such a change would bring the human race to extinction, we should all shout “totally worth it”.

Variations and changes in scenery are actually the incidents that keep us alive. We have too many influences that lead us to unfortunate loops of boredom. If we don’t do anything to spice up our own lives, we are officially doomed. Change can surprise you, so why not go on and embrace it? And since most of the times you aren’t able to alter much concerning your professional life, do it in your personal.

You won’t regret it for sure!

Author: Tina Barbatsalou

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