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“Happiness is the enemy, suddenly I have something to lose. That blurs my mind. You blur my mind.” Tristan said, a breath caught at his lips. It reached Secilia’s neck past a drop of sweat from Tristan’s forehead. The moisture coming from the pores of their skin, in profuse quantities become one with the juices from Secilia’s body. Tristan was swimming inside her. In a back and forth pattern he was sliding down her gulf pouring down smoothly his own existence in large quantities.

This was the last act of his downfall. The loss of prosperity, status and power had come a long time ago. He arrived at this place as Marhess only to be disguised as Tristan in order to survive. Against all odds, he managed to live and the reverence in Secilia’s deep kiss has made it all worth it. In fact, he thought that the prize to love her right would be higher, but people around here had always low expectations in their minds. He confirmed it when he realised how little they valued Secilia’s life in order to get to him.

“All I can do is watch you leave. Ladlow wants me for himself. My father wants to sell me to him and…” Secilia’s trembling voice was interrupted by the feeling of Tristan’s palm on her face, his eyes staring at her, extending far down from her pupils to the depths of what they encountered every day in front of them. This dark circular openings in the centers of the irises of her eyes was the margin of his world since the first time he resonated her body on that cold autumn night in that cave. Secilia, feeling him inside her, could not stop thinking how it was possible that such an iniviting piece of art on the wall could just depict lives that were just lived. Maybe she had not asked him the right question about who those two people could be. Maybe she did not have to ask anything at all.

Tristan was born and raised in a summer mist. He was used to the slight heat, but today his sweat was adequate to wash away all of his sins. All the killing, the robbing, the cheating and the lies. But he wanted to do more. He wanted all of them the same way he wanted never to come out of Secilia’s body ever again.

Secilia could feel chills down her spine as her perspiration forced her to experience a kind of shudder. This unpleasant feeling of coldness confirmed her once more that Tristan was the star around which the earth orbits. Her sun. Just before they climax together as one, indistiguishable soul reaching  the vault in which the sun, moon, stars, and planets are situated, the heaven that was brought into being amidst their long, deep , audible exhalations, the prayer book fell down the floor. Their tangled hands needed all the space they could take in bed. The book was thrusted taking a downward spiral all the way to the lowest point of the room. Chuting into the damp atmosphere. The noise of the descent caught Martha, the housekeeper’s, ear.

She moved closer and opened her mouth gently : “Madam! Madam, wake up. You dropped your book. You fell asleep in the empty chair again.”

To be continued…

Author: Pepi Naki

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