Have you ever considered how much time you have spent considering what way you should act or –much worse– react in certain occasions? Have you ever estimated how much valuable time has actually been wasted on thoughts and plans which were never adopted after all? Don’t you think it’s about time you did something to make up for the energy and time wasted? Time flies and you’d better take it seriously. Do express yourself and find a way to empty your busy mind fearlessly.

Take, for example, one of those painful break-ups. Do you remember those endless nights you spent crying over spilt milk? Do you remember the conspiracies you were hiding as an ace in the sleeve, which you never exposed? Do you remember how many imaginary debates you had, carefully rehearsed, but of course never staged? Do you remember all the messages you started writing but you ended up deleting them instead of sending them? In all fairness, you chickened out. In other words, your lack of action made you a coward. All this time, probabilities and scenarios were haunting your head, while instead you had to let go, speak out and take action.

If you still can’t see my point, let’s take a realistic example from a familiar social circle, like your friends from work. How many times have you felt trapped in your head from thoughts, complaints, requests and demands you never voiced but left in your head? There was a lot to be said in certain circumstances but it all remained locked up instead. You excused yourself for not being expressive by saying that you would never risk losing your job. Yet, do you realize that by not risking losing your job you get to risk losing your peace of mind? Forget about the time you spent suppressing your feelings when you lost your temper. God damn it, how can you spend a considerable amount of time in a (work) place where you can’t feel at ease? I’m not saying that this place should make you feel at home but it should not, at all costs, make you feel like being imprisoned.

Moving on to friendships, one could say that this is where one can be a hundred percent authentic and free to express themselves. How much truth does this hold? Think of all those moments you stepped back and you didn’t engage in an argument out of fear that your friendship would be set at risk. Deep inside you, you were like a time bomb ready to explode, yet, you pretended that everything was fine by you. You considered conflict a waste of time. Thus, you overlooked the importance of expressing yourself which is the strongest foundation when constructing a friendship.

Do you still believe that hiding your true emotions and struggling to act on thought rather than impulse is not a waste of time? You are human; you are not machine. As such, you have the duty to react when the time comes. You owe it to the human nature you were privileged with. Feel free to act as a free man, no matter what.

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