Okay, I’m ready! Today I need to talk about a special category of people. The rebels, the misfits, the weirdos, the strange ones… those that other people around observe them mysteriously, maybe more than once. (pause, for a grand applause; man, that was a good rhyme, wasn’t it?)

Without further delay, I need to say a big hello to all my beloved nerds out there. You know them, you have them in your group of friends, maybe they are your siblings, one of your parents, and the list can go on forever. And may it never stop I might add! Why? Because, whether you want to admit it or not, your life without them would be damn boring. Or colorless. Without weird t-shirts and pants, without geeky glasses, without floppy or messy hair, without loud voices, without good and old-fashioned jokes. You wouldn’t want your life to be like that, trust me.

As a nerd myself, I can guarantee you one thing- there will never be a dull moment with us. If you have us in your life, then be prepared; you never know what’s going to come out of our mouths and when. One moment we are discussing what we did last night (which is never one single thing) and then we’ll talk about the universe and its creation. Then about our courses or our work, and then about art history or that cool museum we went last week. Add some funny and awkward stories, a discussion about the books we’re reading now (and the ultimate panic we go through when we realize we don’t have any books to read), the unique food or drink we just ordered at the bar or the coffee shop, and what do you get? A show — I call it a show. Can you call it something different besides that? My guess is no.

Another thing now I can guarantee. We never, ever go to sleep or even sleep like “normal people”, as you would say. In fact, the schedule is subject to change according to what we have to do every day. Writing, painting, dancing, puzzles, comic books and illustrations, and thou shall no forget: our tv series. Heaven forbid, we don’t, we can’t live without them. It might be something totally different according to our preferences- but one thing is for sure: the words “get your mind of it” do not apply. And why would they apply in the first place, huh? No, hell no.

After all, our whole mind itself isn’t one-tracked. It’s multidimensional, and this is why we do so many things all at once, all the time. This is also why it never stops thinking, analyzing, discovering and challenge itself across time. And this is probably the reason we can’t behave as people want or expect us to behave. We might look totally simple at the beginning – till we get to know you. Then, expect all the awkwardness and geekiness on the planet. In every aspect of our lives, it’s there.

But also expect the openness. It’s in the way we talk (we have a lot of wit, I must admit), the way we treat relationships with people. We are open to new ideas and new perspectives all the time- this is why others around us feel free to talk about anything. And they are never afraid that we would get it the wrong way or misinterpret it. But even if we do, we just say it. You probably know how…

A line for Starwars, Harry Potter or Big Bang Theory? A line for a new book or video game? Ah, yes. Don’t look at us now with that weird look, we all warned you about what you’re going to get from the start.

Author: Victoria A. Dimou

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