You checked your schedule. Everything is well organized for the entire week, and you’re gloating with the hope that everything will be accomplished.

Your bills are paid.
Your house is functional, everything is working.
Your car is fine.
You feel rather terrific.
Your health is amazing as well.

What can go wrong, right? Everything is under control.

Oh well. It’ll just take one small moment for you to realize that, in fact, nothing is under control.
Your control. Or my control. Or anybody’s control.

In just one small fraction of a moment, you’ll get to taste how vulnerable we really are. I won’t tell you when it will happen or what it’s going to be. Life has an incredible sense of humor… in case you didn’t know already.

In one small moment, you’ll get to see how we fight day by day to create this illusion of control. We don’t just fight—we crave it, we feel powerful when we have it. And right there, you’ll feel like a complete fool. A total idiot, thinking you can surpass everything that comes your way. This isn’t about resilience; it’s about the stupid belief that you’re indestructible. Are you really?

You’re not. None of us is—yet we fail to acknowledge it.

With the alarm clock and the watch on our hand we control time.
With the technology, we control our work and its processing speed.
With the cars, motorcycles, ships, airplanes we control distance.
With medicine, we control our health.
With an education, we control our ignorance.

I could write all day about the measurements and safety privisions humanity has taken to protect its well-being. When in fact, it needs precaution from itself. It’s all just a big insurance policy against the unknown, but we’ve managed to find a solution. Yeah. Right.

Till that moment comes… when you realize.

We’re all one phone call away from something terrible to happen. Our schedules change in a second by something we’ve never actually thought of. We’ve managed to make distance seem irrelevant, but in fact we’ve become more distant than ever. Our health sometimes manageable, is (almost) always taken for granted, and we don’t value it at all.

So tell me, where’s that damn thing called control, we so seemingly tend to have?

You feel it too, right—this big, fat, giant lie?

This is how they felt in the Titanic. We all know how this one ended; despite the technical circumstances.

That’s how big this lie is. And then you’re thinking that life is unfair and cruel. No, mate. Life is and was always what it was, from the very beginning. Nothing has changed besides us. And because we’ve changed, we think life should change as well and become more cooperative with us. No. Life will be the same bitch it always has been. A bitch that takes it all, gives you some back and then out of nowhere rewards you with everything you wanted. It won’t follow your lead, not because it can’t, but because it doesn’t want to. You’re following its’ lead, yet you’re too proud to even accept it.

Just in case you need a demonstration of this, let me remind you how many times we all made plans and saw them crushed, changed, delayed. Think about the times when actually a plan of yours worked and you were stunningly shocked of how smooth it all went. A miracle, right?

This how not in control we all are. But the wake-up call never comes when you’re prepared. It will come when everything else is a complete mess. Yeah, I know. It sucks.

At least now you’ve got a sense of what is really like to be human.

Not that bad, huh?

Author: Victoria A. Dimou

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