You know what? Actions speak louder than words they say, and I must say that I agree. Each and every one of us has heard a million perfect things coming out of someone’s mouth and, regrettably, we believed them. The people who meant what they said can be counted on one hand.

I don’t know how people get it wrong in the first place –or to be exact– I don’t know how it starts. When one person is there, always by your side, deciding to put aside all minor problems the two of you might have, they are taken for granted. Because they actually stay there, it is thought that they will stay forever. I’m not being rude, but this logic is complete and utter bullshit. Just because someone has the logic and determination not to make a fuss about small issues, or a scene let’s say for the same minor reasons, doesn’t give you, or anyone, the right to take them for granted. Just because they always support you, have your back, believe in you, or always answer the phone, doesn’t mean that you get the free pass to treat them like shit.

And in the same manner, you can’t assume that you won’t have to lift your finger to do your work. Yes, you heard right. Work. Some of you go around assuming and concluding, that your hands and fingers are only for you to caress your (according to you) handsome face. Period. You won’t call, you won’t message, you won’t go and pick up somebody, you won’t say a good word or any word in particular. You won’t try, you won’t go the extra mile. But for some reason, everyone around you is expected and must do all of the above things for you. Funny, isn’t it?

Let me get this straight. Everyone should have you as a priority in their lives, but for you, your priority is your damn self. Do you see the problem here, or you won’t even move your ass to see it for yourself? Yeap. My guess was right.

It’s what you don’t do that speaks volumes. And from what is being spoken, I can rather see that you have no intention to make anyone worthy of the criteria you placed upon them by yourself. Because somehow, you approach everyone and make them think that communication with you is going to be similar to quantum mechanics. Your point is made; loud and clear.

You make it hard. You make it difficult. When honestly, it is supposed to be pretty damn easy — for all of us.

And what’s worse, is the fact that there is no apparent reason for you to do the shit you do.

Let me tell you something. If you want to play hard to get, it’s your own freaking choice. However, playing hard to get is very different from actually being hard to get. And, the way I see it, you pretty much end up in the first category — just playing it.

Don’t get me wrong, playing is nice. But when the game gets nasty, or suddenly you’re trying to make up your own rules into it… then Houston, we have a problem. At the end of the day, are you really going to change the basic rule of relationships and communication just to justify yourself and your ungrateful ass? I don’t think so.

Relationships have one simple rule: the work gets done 50/50, no matter the nature of it. Go and pretend you don’t understand it, or that the whole (yet simple) thing doesn’t make any freaking sense. By all means — I bet you’ll be successful at it.

Fair warning though, dear. Not a single soul will give you respect, or time, or support.

I guess this is what we call justice when we think about it.

Author: Victoria A. Dimou

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