Let’s get something straight first – I am a human being. I won’t repeat this again; I trust that your intelligence can reach this level of basic understanding. And you know why I’m saying that? Because somehow, between the lines, you have forgotten this one simple fact – or shall I say, you never really considered it? People state that this is actually pretty common for players; they never fail to excel in this area of thinking. Until you do the same thing to them… wanna try?

I guess it’s not so funny now, because once it happens to you, the whole game changes. You call people fake and think they are liars. But tell me, what about you? Weren’t you the one performing the exact same act before?

You’ve always been a person deep in shallowness; it’s all about the looks, the clothes, the perception that people obtain about you through social media. It’s about the filter you’re going to use for your next picture on Instagram or the label and hashtag under it.

That’s really cute – congrats, you’ve entered junior high successfully! After all, in school things are a lot easier than they are now. People change their personalities as they do with their clothes, they say things they don’t meanwhile they are constantly trying to keep their hormones in order. Well, well… this reminds me of someone; gosh, could that be you? Absolutely.

There hasn’t been a moment since I met you when you meant what you said, or acted like a considerate human being. It’s always you that tries to irritate me on purpose because you think somehow that this will have an effect on me; that somehow it will give you power over me. I’ll tell you what effect it has – it’s called astonishment. I’m always amazed by the way people behave sometimes in situations. You expected fondness, I’m sure; but fondness is not obtained by acting like a fool. Neither am I- I can’t be “obtained” by you.

I’ll tell you what bewilders me the most about you. You think you are better than anybody and everybody.

You think you can offer something in the world that nobody does – that you are irreplaceable.

You have a deeper nature than the one you usually present to others, but unfortunately, no one can actually tolerate it or understand it. You haven’t found the one yet, who is going to accept you for who you are. And because of the “failing” of others, you withhold your true self hidden in the shallowness.

I’m here to tell you this – you might be right about some people not understanding you. But don’t you dare include me in the same cluster as them. Because the truth is, you took the chance to actually come close to you away from me from the first hello. You were convinced, before you even got to know me, that I have nothing to offer you. You’ve always tried to keep me at bay, telling yourself that I’m not worth it. You really think that is the case?

You try to degrade me and manipulate me, only to get the entitlement you think you deserve.

You think of me as a toy, and all of this as a game; your very own game, with your own fixed rules.

And I don’t have the right to say anything beyond the borderlines you’ve set;  because it would require explaining- something you can’t bring yourself to offer. Because if you really think about it, what is there to explain? Your lies, or your own well-hidden insecurity, that stares at you right in the face even though you choose not to see them?

So, yes. I’m a human being and not your toy honey. This is no game. I will not stand here, ensuring you that I have nothing to offer when I know it myself that I have more than enough.

I will not stand here, watching you manipulate every situation between the two of us – let alone let you manipulate it for the sake of your own benefits and pleasure.

It’s you that doesn’t have anything to offer – not the other way around. And if you can’t really face that, I’m sorry. Until you are capable of diving in, I suggest you go play safely in the shallow waters as you’ve always been. You have a long way to go till you learn what it means to swim in deep waters – let alone be deep yourself.

Author: Victoria A. Dimou

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