A sweet savage – that would be an appropriate description.

Calm, shy; yet, when needed, wild. Raw, unfiltered, blunt. A mix of a Christmas morning, a shot of a good whiskey, and birthday wishes all at once. Serious and collected at times. Witty and hilarious at other moments, simultaneously. A figure you’ll definitely notice even if you’re looking the opposite way.

Dominant and sharp. A look with an edge, an enigmatic grin with boyish features. One that pins you against the wall, leaving you totally undressed; and usually, not a single word has come out of your mouth. A raspy and deep voice. Someone who has an urge to let you know at all times how it feels about you. When you’re loved, it’s slow and soft. When it needs to be sarcastic, it has power and precision. When you piss it off, it’s loud and cuts you before you even start talking again. And when you first hear it in the morning… raspy has never sounded better.

Silky and skillful hands. When you’re near them, trust isn’t optional; it’s guaranteed from the very first moment you spend with them. They have the effect of hot water dropped all over your body after an exhausting day. You’re untroubled, you feel protected and safe. And just like that, you feel them inside you, close to your heart. They can steal it without you really realizing it only until it’s too late. And no matter how hard sometimes they push you away to protect you, they still got you- right there in them. They always have your back. Yet, every day you spend near them they steal away a piece of your soul. The bad news? You’ll never get it back- in fact, you’ll watch all your soul tangling with them piece by piece forever. The good news? You’ll never regret it, even though sometimes you’re going to hate it. But by then, it will way too late—they get raunchy and deviant, not just on purpose but in times and ways you never thought possible. Yeah, it’s too late; you’ll be already under their spell and ecstasy.

Tall and proud figure. Although it considers itself to be short or rather moderate- this a thought far away from the truth. It stands with a tranquil aura, a sincere mediocrity. You can feel though the testosterone the moment it steps in. There is quiet confidence around it, making it clear that it knows how to walk, how to present itself—but it doesn’t know it most of the times. It’s unaware of what it possesses, and this makes it a requirement to watch from afar as it draws near you step by step. It’s sexy, armored with a masculinity hard to ignore.

A steady, marginalized and peaceful walk. It obeys you to follow its rhythm even when you’re in a complete hurry—and you won’t dare to do otherwise, you will want to follow it without hesitation. It takes you to places you’ve never seen before, usually in the early dawn. And when the walking is done, the feet will never go to sleep until they keep you warm under the sheets; they have to take care of you at all times, no questions asked. And no complaints either.

A serious yet sarcastic face. Equipped with complete seriousness when you meet it for the first time, but it tends to loosen up as the times goes by. When it finally loosens up you hear a raspy laugh along with a joke that makes you laugh for an eternity. You see a smile, and stand in awe with the intellect you were just shot straight in your face. And the set of full lips this face possesses, are the kind that make your mouth watery and your knees weak. Once you get a taste of them, nothing is ever the same—you’ve just been shot with an elixir that is hard to find. They make you lose the track of time, make you want to kiss them endlessly. They make you tremble, they make you wet, they make you feel haunted for a lifetime… just like those dark eyes on that face, that watch you cautiously. They dissect every detail of you without even knowing it. They shoot fire and give you dirty promises, that you’ll have to keep a secret. They blink softly when you make them feel loved, and shy away from you when they’re upset. There is enough happiness and sadness in them, that make you promise to never make them cry. You wouldn’t stand it at all.

And when it’s time for them to take some time to rest, this is when the best part begins.

It’s time for sleep.

And you’re finally able to stare for as long as you want, admiring the view… with its mesmerizing beauty of course stealing away any part left from your heart and soul.

As if there is any of them left—you wish.

Author: Victoria A. Dimou

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