From a very young age I saw my mother trying to pick up the pieces of her broken heart from the floor and reassemble it. I saw her taking on both parenting roles to the best of her ability and trying her best to never make me feel incomplete; despite not having a father figure. Growing up with her, I was taught to exist despite all loss. There wasn’t a day that went by that I wasn’t on top of her priority list.

I am the person I am today as a result of her love, support and prayers.

There is always something about watching someone uncovering their strength that allows you to create yours. Being the product of an independent woman reinforced my ability to know how to stand alone, how to be strong, how to depend on myself. I was taught how to be independent, just like her, from a very young age because that was the only option left for us. Up until now, I’ve never known how to give up, or even what it’s like without it. When we grow up watching someone take on all of the tasks in the world, we’re immediately instilled with knowing we can do it all also.

I loved admiring someone each day while growing up. It’s so refreshing to look up to someone who displays their value, in everything they do, and always reminds you of yours. Growing up with this independent woman, I was taught the importance of self-love and the ability to be kind and patient with myself — without expecting anyone else to be. Growing up with her, I experienced strength on levels no one else can touch, and resilience beyond measure. I watched how she handled difficult situations on her own without any complaints and I witnessed how strong she is by inevitably helping me to be brave through any obstacles that came my way. She taught me to appreciate everything that is given to me and give gratitude to all things.

I am blessed to have this woman by my side, always showing me her support, but also giving me space, allowing me to discover my passion and to make as many mistakes as I possibly can, in order to learn from them, take responsibility for all my decisions, and realize how hard life can be at times.

Her unconditional love has always been given me the strength to do the things that I do, and not be afraid of anything or anyone.

I was shown that a woman can do anything, and she proved to be better than any man in every single situation. Not even once in my life did I think we were helpless. I knew that we could overcome or handle whatever came our way. I was never raised to be a feminist either. I was taught that I should treat everyone equally. I was raised helping people in need, supporting and keeping company with those that were considered “different” by the rest of the world.

Even though love had broken her heart, I was raised to believe that love is one of the most beautiful feelings in the world. I was taught to give my everything when it comes to love and always make sacrifices. I was raised to love truly, passionately and deeply.

Thank you for teaching humanity each day more about love. Thank you for being the person in my world who displays vulnerability and makes it beautiful. Thank you for teaching me to overcome whatever this world will bring to me and thank you for teaching me how to become the best version of myself.

Thank you for everything you have done for me and everything you have provided me with.

You have always been my strength and, from now on, I promise to be your strength too.

I love you.

Author: Elle Karapanou

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