You have been hurt a million times. So many break ups, and so many feelings that you wasted on the wrong people, always ending up with a broken heart, and always thinking it wasn’t even worth it, was it? It is both surprising and disappointing how we waste so much time on the wrong people and at the end, they prove that they were not even worth a second of it.

You have been in a lot of toxic relationships; you have been hurt a million times. You have even stayed with the wrong person because you felt lonely, or maybe because you were too lazy to go searching for the right one. You should not have to rip yourself into pieces, to keep others whole. You deserve the love you keep trying to give everyone else. Sometimes we stay in relationships with people we tolerate, but don’t love, because we’re not sure if there’s anything better, or how to find it. One day a person will walk into your life and they will make you realise why it never worked with anyone else. It will be the time that you will get all the answers on your questions.

Stop compromising when it comes to love. Don’t settle for less because you’re scared of what’s out there. Don’t accept a love that is less than what you deserve thinking that you won’t find the one that you do. You make compromises frequently in your daily life, but love shouldn’t be one of the compromises. Seeking the love that you both want and deserve, you will meet different kinds of love in its many forms. Some of them will fail you, and leave you heartbroken and empty, but in your search, you will meet the one that will fully satisfy all the longings of your heart. Always remember that you deserve to be treated like a choice, not an option.

You are not someone’s “maybe”.

What kind of love do we actually deserve? Just a love that crosses our paths, or we deserve something deeper? The love that you should pursue, and you deserve, is the type of love that will not make you compromise your worth and your purity. You should pursue a love that never stopped and never will stop pursuing you.

You deserve to be with someone that will look past your failures, and will support you and motivate you on a daily basis. You deserve a love that offers clarity and security. A love that will not have an expiration date. You deserve a patient love, the kind that will always wait for you. A love, that is full of passion and admiration. You deserve honesty, loyalty and appreciation.

You deserve someone that supports you and is quick to catch you when you lose your balance. Not one that will leave you, lying on the floor. You deserve a lover that not only makes you feel better, but also makes you want to be better. Someone that guides you, encourages you and supports you when you are facing the demons in your life. You deserve to be pursued. You deserve to be loved deeply, passionately. You deserve to find someone that will always be willing to work things out. You deserve someone that loves you enough to believe in what you two have, and stand by it through the darkest times.

Someone that will have faith in your strength as a couple. Someone that will not simply give up on you when you will start facing issues as a couple. Someone that will fight for you, compromise for you, and sacrifice themselves for you if needed. Someone that will not mind to change for you! You deserve to find the one that will accept you for the person you are, and they will not wish to change you into someone else. This means that they will not expect perfection from you.

You deserve the one that will step out of their comfort zones for you. You deserve a pure, authentic, passionate love. A love that is going to risk anything for you, and will make you feel whole. You deserve a love that feels like home. A love that is certain. A love that makes sense.

Nothing about you, is ordinary, choose someone who knows this and never settle for less than you are… Never settle for less than you deserve.

“You know I’m right.”  I whisper to the image across from me. She smiles and winks at me — just as I do the same. The glass between us has served its purpose and I turn away from my own reflexion, strength, hope and confidence renewed. Deep inside we all know who we are and what we deserve. Who better to remind you what kind of love you deserve than the one staring back at you in the mirror?

Author: Elle Karapanou

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