Here’s to all the ones who stay wild, and love wildly too.
The ones who understand that their open hearts are not a liability to their wanderlusting souls.

Freedom is a feeling we all love to experience and enjoy. It is something we have been craving for since our parents came to switch off the television because it was too late on school night. It was the reason we proclaimed in our minds “I can wait; I’ll grow up and do things my way.” Even those politicians that we either love or hate sell us the freedom and liberty package to us to get our votes. Regardless of the period of our lives, we all love to be free. If this is so true, why then should people label us the free-spirited and adventurous irresponsible and selfish? Why is our plan to attend the next musical festival in a foreign country alone a problem? Why our refusal to live the traditional sedentary lifestyle does make us abnormal?

One thing people fail to understand or acknowledge is that adventurers and free-spirited persons love and enjoy what they do. The experiences and exhilarating feeling that overcome them when they stand on top of the Kilimanjaro alone or sing to the lyrics of the songs of their favorite musician in concert in Rio de Janeiro is incomparable to any other. It is an expression of love that is unimaginable to the uninitiated.

Yes, you don’t need to wonder, they are capable of loving someone or something and staying committed to it, but not in the manner you want. They love themselves and would do anything to make themselves happy even if it means letting go of that interesting person who walked into their lives and who would make a wonderful partner some day in the future. We are committed to the need to change our plans at a moment’s notice without having to explain to anyone. As a matter of fact, our commitment level is so high that we might have made all the necessary arrangements for that wonderful dinner date only for us to realize that the relationship would affect the opportunity to see the sunrise in a new city. Although, if they are adventurers, like ourselves, ready to take on the world with us, maybe we won’t have to compromise our lifestyle for them, since we can share it together.

“You keep me safe – I’ll keep you wild.”
Don’t try to “catch” us; run with us, or set us free.

We love to live life to the best of our abilities by doing what we love most and which gives us the greatest satisfaction. We would rather stay wild and wander than settle down. We would rather live for the spontaneous moments that we could never predict, than have a life that’s planned out and set in stone, a routine that doesn’t fulfill us and relationships that bores us and keep us behind.

One thing people should understand is that individuals that love to live for the moment are not afraid of failure or scared of commitment. There a just people like me that have realized that following routines and meeting expectations is one of their greatest strengths and are bold enough to admit it rather than be unhappy. As a matter of fact, he or she should be commended for having the decency to create a short but unforgettable experience with you. I am not selfish. I am just smart to enough to know what makes me happy and go for it wherever it may exist.  We never know when it is time to pack it up and set out on that endless journey. A trip that would be filled with regret if we don’t do as we wish.

To all the ones that are yet to accept who they are because of their fear of labeled selfish and inconsiderate, I wish to let you know that people like you are waiting for you to join me. Please note our invitation is not for you to accompany us on the next road trip, but for you to experience the freedom that comes with our lifestyle. The uninhibited and unrestricted way of loving someone and something that brings absolute happiness. Live wild and free, without any restrictions. Drive and get lost using nothing but road signs to guide you. Talk to that homeless man standing in the corner. Let the people around you influence you and show you how much more is out there in the world.  Traveling touches a part of our heart that no lover could ever reach. Fall in love with your life and do things that would give you the greatest pleasure that this world can offer.

Make the world your healer.
Catch flights, not feelings.

Author: Elle Karapanou

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