Have you ever fallen in love with a fiercely independent soul? Have you ever tried to “catch” a free spirit and make it yours? Let me tell you one thing; It’s hard to “catch” a free spirit, and it is even harder to love it the right way, but it’s not impossible.

We may appear to not have any room in our lives for a relationship with you, but there’s more than what meets the eye. We are usually emotionally strong people who know what we want. We will hardly get into a relationship just because we feel lonely. In addition, we actually love that sense of self and the ability to not have to depend on anyone else for the life we crave. We are always working on ourselves. We were raised to believe in ourselves, and use every area of our minds, since our mind is the most important part of who we are. We were encouraged to always strive to be the best version of ourselves, and we were told from a very young age to create our own world, so that no one could have the power to take it away from us.

A lot of people might not understand things from our point of view, they might run away from us due to our hard shells, or due to their lack of patience. Beneath the tough exteriors though, there is another side of us. A soft side that we only allow a few people to see, even if it’s going to take a while for us to show it.

It’s difficult for us to fall in love, but once we do, we will love you unconditionally. We will never try to change you and we will accept you the way you are. And we expect the same from you. If we choose to be with you, we are here to stay. We see a future with you. Understand, that if we want you in our lives, it’s because we see a fire in you, and we find you full of potential, to build with you and grow with you. Just get ready for a beautiful never-ending adventure!

Never underestimate our love or take it for granted. Always remember, that we have taught ourselves how to not need anyone next to us. If we have chosen you, it’s not because we want you to fulfill our needs or take care of us — as we know how to take care of ourselves. Do not ever avoid us! We might have strong feelings for you, but also take in mind that we will not sit around waiting for you. We can still go to that movie alone, or have dinner with the only company, ourselves. We have set our priorities, and you are certainly one of them. Do not make the mistake to lose this special spot in our lives, because there might not be a way back. Also, never try to change us or make us choose between our lives and you. You might be surprised! Furthermore, every time we argue, do not try to find useless excuses to cover your mistake. Simply listen to us, and apologize. We will appreciate it more!

Sometimes, we might be hard to love, due to our self-reliant nature, but we enjoy the vibrant lives we have created. Every day throughout the relationship; is a challenge for the ones we have next to us. We are always up for new adventures and pure passion. We get bored very easily and we are always seeking ways to entertain ourselves. Boredom and routine are our biggest enemies.

Also, don’t ever be too clingy. Don’t call us a fifth time. We are probably too busy doing our own thing. Remember, being in a relationship doesn’t mean no time for ourselves.

You might even have to deal with us being distant. Most of the time, attachment and feelings scare us. The path we have set for ourselves becomes tangled with yours. This both thrills us and terrifies us, so give us a bit of space. Our world then becomes an inner battle between mind and love, but we always give in to love eventually.

We will lean on you when we will be feeling lost. Yes, there will be a lot of times that we will feel vulnerable. There might be times that we will feel breakable in your hands. We might realize how easy it is for you to break us apart, we might feel weak and dependent. Then we might pull away for a little bit, we might be a bit distant. We might spend some time alone, recharging. We are self-reliant souls and we cannot let go of that part of us. You might feel that you have no place in our lives, but you do! When we give in to love, we think of you equally, if not before ourselves. This is beautiful. This is love! We have given our all in every other aspect of our lives and the one thing we have saved for you, is our heart.

Always remember…

Let us run wild in our own ways and you will never lose us.
We will always find our way back to you.

Author: Elle Karapanou

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