So, let’s do our own research, according to astrology. Which love-struck signs will insist on pursuing you and for how long? Where can you play hard-to-get, and where should you drop the pretense? Who’ll give in to you from the start, and who’ll give up after the first try?



If an Aries falls head-over-heels, nothing will be able to hold them back; they come at you. In the possibility, now, that the object of their romantic affections turns them down, they won’t be deterred. They probably won’t even initially notice rejection, consumed as they are in their own enthusiasm. Later, though, the difficulty in conquering their target will only make them try harder; with crazy expressions of affection. But if even then, there is no response, they will fall straight out of that 9th cloud they’re on, complete aghast. And if in the end the object of his prior affections now has feelings for them, well, tough luck – they’re already on their next target.



Taurus’s are just as bull-headed as their name implies – stubborn and insistent, if they decide that a person is worthy of their feelings, well, they will pursue them to the ends of the earth. They will show their interest with dignity and self-respect, without overly exposing themselves in thoughtless expressions of undying passion that might blow up in their face if their feelings are unrequited. If their ego is not directly hit by the outcome of the situation, they will continue to try to get close – that is until the object of their interest is clear that they are not interested. Then they will back off. When the other person’s mind changes, the same probably won’t happen with our dear Taurus; he’ll be long gone by then.



Gemini’s tend to pursue their “prey” so convincingly, you’ll actually believe you’re the love of their life, their flame of passion, the soul mate they’ve been looking for all these years. And if you don’t respond to their actions, it’ll only make things all the more interesting for them. However, despite all the interest and affection, they show you, you won’t become an obsession or anything! The truth is that, maybe the next day (or the next day), they’ll have found a new romantic target, since they’ll have found a new perspective soul mate. Τhis, though, will not stop them from coming back to you from time to time. That way you’ll have quite a few opportunities to rethink things.



The Crab is a sensitive and romantic soul and they usually don’t flirt to pass the time. The fact that they honor you with their attention and romantic preference means that when they lay their heart at your feet, you’d have to be inconsiderate and unfeeling to not be moved. Let’s say, though, that you aren’t moved by their affections, at least not at first. A Cancer will move out of the game, concede to defeat, letting you know, of course, how much you’ve hurt them. Don’t fool yourself; it’s something they’ll hold over your head for a long time. If, by some chance, you end up changing your mind, don’t expect them to make a move. It’s your turn to prove your feelings.



To be pursued by a Leo, in their opinion, is one of the highest honors one could receive. Precisely because they think they’re doing you a favor, a rejection form you is something completely frustrating and inconceivable. And there is no way Leo will sit and sulk about it, to you or anyone else, for that matter. They’re not the type to cry over spilled milk, and once it’s all over the floor, they’ll just step over the puddle and walk out the door, towards something else that has gotten their attention. Now, if you’re not completely sure that you aren’t interested and you need time to consider, then make sure, at least that your rejection is not forthright; they just might give you that time.



A typical Virgo has thought everything through before concluding to the fact that someone is worth their time and the opportunity to become their partner, and they will approach with sensibility and sensitivity. They’re not the time for excessive displays of affection though, so if that’s what you want, you won’t get it from them. They are also not the type to insist if they don’t see a respective response to their interest. And, what is more, it is extremely difficult for a person to become an obsession for a Virgo. They will employ rationality and logic, discovering instead, all the reasons you’re not a good match for him and depart discreetly. And probably permanently.



Libra has a hidden talent for romantic conquests, which they put into effect with elegance and chivalry. They are, after all, the most charming zodiac. If the object of their affection has “classy” prerequisites, there’s a reasonable chance that the game of pursuit will be over quickly. And even if that’s not the case, a Libra will persist towards his goal. Even though the chase is not their strong suit, falling in love may just stack the deck differently; in the name of love they become a fearless warrior, without ever straying far from those elegant borders of theirs. And even if they seem to retreat, there is always the chance of a return if the object of their affection changes their mind.



Scorpio is one of the signs that counts many wins in the game of charm and that is why they will not abandon easily in the name of a silly rejection. They won’t believe it first of all. That is why, even if they don’t get a response initially, they’ll insist, with unknown (even to themselves) motives sometimes. Do they continue because of true interest are just because they can’t handle rejection? Who knows. What we do know, though, is that, if Scorpio does give up, that person that they held in such high regard, will now be “punished” with cold indifference and small (or larger) acts of vengeance; Scorpio’s talent. And what if the tables turn, you ask? Enter at will, you have been warned. Scorpio never forgets



The Archer is especially desired by many. This means that they won’t need much of a struggle to conquer the person that has caught their attention. If they have struck out though and chose a hard-to-get prize, they will make their attempt at winning the object of their interest over. But, as is with most of the Fire Signs, they won’t waste much time on a lost cause. Sagittarius isn’t interested in proving their worth; their success in the romantic department can’t be denied and they have more than a few witnesses to relay the facts to others. Besides, their romantic interest, most of the time is short-lived. So, imagine what it’s like for someone that turned them down – what was your name, did you say?



Love, romance, and flirting, like everything that concerns Capricorn, follows a well planned out strategy. They pursue the object of their affection, methodically, organized, and with a plan A and B in place; just as they would a business agreement. They are focused on their target, they don’t easily get deterred, even if things aren’t looking all that positive in the beginning. In the end, though, what matters most here is how interested Capricorn is. And the chase will go on in length, energy, and intensity accordingly. And when all bargaining chips have been spent, if there is still no interest in response, Capricorn will save face and depart before their integrity and ego are wounded. If that person changes their mind at some point, well, don’t expect anything more than what you served, handed back to you on a silver platter.



Aquarius, as with everything, is nonchalant even when pursuing someone of romantic interest. They expose just enough of themselves to pull one close, but at the same time to seem indifferent to that person’s response. In a few words, if you don’t also show them your respective interest, take a step so they can take the next, you’ll probably one day find yourself wondering if they really did show any interest in you or if it was your imagination. They are a type of chameleon though, that appeals to many, so there’s a chance that in the future you will regret turning them away. If that happens, you’re going to have to take the first step; they already did that.



Pisces don’t pursue, they are pursued. Or at least that’s what they’d like us to think. If they are interested in someone, they have a very specific tactic: they turn themselves into bate and just wait for you to take it – them, that is. And what happens if you don’t? Well, on the surface, nothing seems to change. Deep down though, rejection wounds him and will awaken other sleeping desires, of the self-destructive kind, that are this sign’s characteristic. And if you change your mind. He’ll turn you down, just for the hell of it. It won’t much matter since in his mind, they’ll already have lived it in their mind. They’re not much for seconds.

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