It’s surely happened to you, or even if you’re in a relationship or at the beginning of an acquaintance with someone who just loves to use the phrase, “Yeah, let’s just take it day to day, I’m not in the phase for a relationship”. Sure, relationships are no easy thing, but most people are afraid of the commitment that comes with a steady relationship. So, if lately the person you’re interested in has been telling you that they are confused and you can’t understand the reason why, what to do to deal with the situation and how to bring them around, read on. Their sign is the answer…


Don’t worry, it’s not the end of the world if an Aries doesn’t know what they want or say their feelings are mixed and they’re confused. It’s the story of their lives. Aries is terrified of any kind of emotional commitment and they can’t deal with much pressure from their partner. So when they feel that the walls are closing in, their mind blocks and they begin to panic. That is where you must bring make them come to their senses, without asking for an explanation, and definitely without pressuring them to make a decision. Keep a nonchalant, maybe a bit indifferent behavior, ignore them a bit; an Aries must pursue you to want you.



If a Taurus says they don’t know what they want, know that it is not their intention to play games with you, and with that statement they are not just playing hard to get. They don’t feel ready to offer everything a relationship needs, and that’s not something you should take personally. A Taurus doesn’t know what they want out of life when there aren’t ideal conditions of stability and safety that they want (for example, a steady job and income). Don’t pressure them to make a decision, and if suddenly they state that they know what they want, try to be trusting. That’s the only way they’ll actually come to the conclusion of what they want in time.



“I don’t know what I want” is one of Gemini’s favorite quotes. You don’t have to take them too seriously, and there’s no need to worry. Things are simple; Gemini needs freedom, they like difficult things and when everything is served up on a platter and they are emotionally pressured, they become bored. If your goal is to keep them close, then all you have to do is “disappear” a bit, give them their peace, time and space.



If a Cancer tells you that they don’t know what it is they want from you, things are serious. Either you’ve gone and emotionally hurt them and they have yet to forgive you, or they have not been able to let go of something in their past. The best thing you can do, therefore, is to have a conversation, put everything out in the open on the table, full disclosure, and ask for their honesty, offering yours in return. Only if they’re still stuck on the past are things truly futile. They’ll distance themselves, no matter what you do, because the last thing a Cancer will do is play on someone else’s feelings.



Maybe your Leo is trying to get your attention. It’s very possible that the words “I’m not sure where this is going” if, all of a sudden they see that your eyes have strayed elsewhere and you’re as enthralled as you were in the beginning. In any other case, a Leo may very well be telling the truth; they’re not sure what exactly it is they want from you or where your future together lies. They need a little reassurance is all, and the best thing to do is give it to them yourself, before the look for it from someone else.



A Virgo always knows what they want, so if you here words of doubt come out of their mouth, they don’t want to tell you the truth and hurt you. What’s that truth then? They don’t feel the same for you as in the beginning, as you do for them. They probably don’t want to continue your relationship or they simply don’t want any kind of commitment. It really isn’t you; it’s them. What you can try, though, is to have a sit down with them, call them on their “truth” and give them yours. Maybe, in that way you can get to the actual truth of it all and work things out.

Don’t mourn a lost relationship if a Libra tells you they’re unsure of their feelings. It’s something they do often since for them “all or nothing” is a creed. Many times do they confuse themselves emotionally, for many different reasons, the most common of which is your pressure to make this relationship “something more”. Hate to break it to you, but Libras are terrified of commitment. But don’t put too much stock in their word. If you’re still there discussing it with them, then you’re still in their heart and on their mind. Try to stay there.



Keep a stronghold on your suspicions and your reservations if you hear a Scorpio say they’re not sure what they want. Secretive as they may be, they are usually rather sure about what they want from anyone they associate themselves with, especially a partner. They may want to put you through some kind of test, see if you really are worthy of their feelings, and what it is you really want from them. The only case they’ll mean it is if they see your “relationship” as merely having fun when you’re pressuring them for something more. Beware though, how you handle things; don’t give them deadlines or ultimatums. Those don’t work to your advantage. Show them what you want and how you feel, make them feel comfortable and secure, and things will fall into place on their own.



A Sagittarius will not admit, even to themselves that they’re beginning to feel things for someone, simply because anything “official” and with a label scares the hell out of them. They’ll be full of doubt, giving you all kinds of excuses as to why you have to take things day by day, trying to plant the seed of doubt in your mind to take the heat of themselves. Don’t fall into their trap. Pretend to be just as cool about it, don’t reassure them and stop trying to control every step they take. If you manage that, they’ll come running in your direction without you doing much of anything.



So, Capricorn doesn’t know what they want at the moment? Yeah, things are going to get harder, be sure of it. A Capricorn knows exactly what they want, where they’re going, and how they see their life five years from now; they have a plan. Always. So what is it that would make them state their uncertainty? Well, that would be you. The most likely scenario is that your lives, programs, jobs, and ambitions are not on the same track. They may not approve of your work, your family, or your social circle, and they may not be able to see a way to work things out. There isn’t much you can do but give them the necessary time and space to think things through.



An Aquarius may one day wake up and, out of the blue, tell you they’re uncertain of you and of where all this is going, just as likely as waking up the very next day and proposing. They are explosive characters, whimsical and unsteady in their decisions; that is, until they make a decision. Commitment might be at fault here, they’re not easy going with that, they fear it and feel pressured just by the word. Show them that you’re just as cool taking things day by day and that you’re not in a hurry.



Sensitive and caring Pisces will often confuse their thoughts with their feelings, logic, and emotions, mostly because of a relationship, when evolving sometimes takes them to places they had never before considered or imagined. It’s not a bad thing, though it’ll take patience from you to ride out the storms of their mind. Surprise them, show them your love, express your own feelings, give them inspirations for their own. Soon enough they’ll be paying you back in the same displays of affection, sure of you and of where your relationship is going.

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