Today’s cosmic influence will be very light and we can look forward to easy, breezy conditions in our love lives at this moment. The visionary Sagittarius Moon makes us yearn for travel, and we are getting closer and closer to finally going on a romantic trip with our significant others. Meanwhile, a Mercury-Pluto connection makes us look for a resolution to a long-standing issue in our love relationships right now. All in all, it’s a good day when it comes to matters of the heart.

Aries (March 21st – April 19th)

You’re going to try and wait until circumstances are just perfect before you take action in your love life right now. But this approach will likely lead to disappointment today because there’s really no such thing as perfection when it comes to romantic matters. If you can find a way to focus on the present moment instead of always looking at the bigger picture, you’ll be able to make progress in matters of the heart. If you’re facing a big decision regarding your current love connection, make sure you make your choices by embracing your hopes and dreams rather than your doubts.

Taurus (April 20th – May 20th)

Something’s really bugging you today and you’re not willing to continue making plans with the one you love until you have a chance to talk about the situation first. It’s likely that your amped up emotions are currently becoming more intensified by the energy of tomorrow’s Full Moon and you’re finding it harder and harder to hold your frustrations in any longer. Be careful once you do decide to open up, because your words may be harsh at first. If you really want a resolution to your romantic dilemma, be gentle and speak from an open, compassionate heart.

Gemini (May 21st – June 20th)

You’ve got something important to say to someone you’re attracted to, but you’re going to do your darnedest to play it cool today. Still, your true feelings are bound to be obvious because you wear your heart on your sleeve most of the time, and especially when you’re feeling passionate about love. If you do decide to take a chance and fess up to your strong emotions, choose your words carefully but resist the temptation to over-embellish right now: Keep your message of love simple and to the point.

Cancer (June 21st – July 22nd)

It’s getting really tiring dealing with constant frustration in your love relationship right now, and you may try just about anything to stop the squabbling between you and the one you love. But you must also stand up for what you believe in, so it’s not a good idea to put your own needs aside just to have some peace with your significant other today. Take time to have the important, heart-to-heart talk you’ve been avoiding, and if you find yourself starting to argue, do it with respect and extreme care. Make sure to resolve things enough so that you can both sleep peacefully tonight.

Leo (July 23rd – August 22nd)

You may be too busy to join your friends in a social activity today, and this annoys you because you’re hoping to bump into someone you’re very attracted to at this time. The more you think about the fun that’s happening while you’re working, the more irked you may become, and you’ll try to figure out a way to postpone a couple deadlines so that you could take advantage of potentially exciting romantic moments later on tonight. As long as you do it responsibly, see if you can play a bit of hooky in the name of love!

Virgo (August 23rd – September 22nd)

Messenger Mercury offers a dose of light and airy energy for your current love life circumstances, despite suspicious Pluto lurking in the cosmic mix today. Meanwhile, penetrating Pluto stealthily skulks around in your 5th House of Spontaneity, stimulating an unexpected epiphany about passionate matters of the heart. This is a good time in your love relationship to start spilling some big secrets because a love connection built on openness and trust is one that has a much better chance of going strong well into the future.

Libra (September 23rd – October 21st)

Although you enjoy your significant other’s support when you make important decisions in your life, you may want to make one totally on your own right now. Powerful Pluto is connected to mental Mercury in your 9th House of Distant Horizons today, pushing you forward so that you could realize a major, personal revelation that affects matters of the heart. If you can open your mind to what the one you love thinks and feels about your current situation, you may receive invaluable guidance. It’ll still be your decision — even if you take advice from someone who knows you inside and out.

Scorpio (October 22nd – November 21st)

You can feel the rising tide of emotional upheaval in your love relationship right now, and this worries you. You’re so eager to avoid conflict that you may not say what you really need to say to the one you love. It feels that the moment you acknowledge the stress in your partnership, something bad will happen. Count your blessings today, because you’ll somehow figure out a way to avoid a full-on row with your significant other because you possess the tools to get out of this confounding kerfuffle with grace.

Sagittarius (November 22nd – December 21st)

With your passionate feelings totally filling your heart, you may start to see some of them spilling out of you today. The melancholy Moon is moving through your idealistic sign, but a troubling situation in your love relationship is just getting worse and may be unavoidable at this time. Logic will not help you now but making an emotional connection with the one you love will. This is what love can do: It can take a fiery, tension-filled problem and turn it into a magical, intimate epiphany. Seek out such a transformation as you deal with your issue right now.

Capricorn (December 22nd – January 19th)

Messenger Mercury in your 6th House of Service is propelled by suspicious Pluto today, making you turn into the green-eyed monster when it comes to an increasingly paranoid love life predicament. But the one you love may inspire you to have a revealing conversation about what’s bothering you, allowing you to get to the root of your romantic insecurities right now. If you see that the cosmos is handing you an opportunity to improve matters of the heart, make sure to take it.

Aquarius (January 20th – February 18th)

Although some would believe that you’re living out your romantic dream right now, there are still things you feel you and your partner need to work on at this time. But instead of instantly jumping into action to improve your fate, spend some quality time examining your most passionate visions of love. Don’t deny yourself the opportunity of having a true, blue love connection of the highest cosmic order because you’re not willing to color outside the lines a little. This is a radical moment in your relationship with the one you love and the world is your oyster. Remain spontaneous because that’s where the real magic is.

Pisces (February 19th – March 20th)

You may feel like you’re not getting closer to realizing a coveted goal in your love life, and this worries you today. You’ve done so much visualizing and fantasizing about your ideal romantic relationship that it seems as if the cosmos should have granted you your wishes by now. Unfortunately, beckoning and yearning are not enough. You must take more direct action if you ever want to realize your romantic reverie. In matters of the heart, don’t let your fantasies divert you from your real dreams.


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