Love is in our hearts. The concept of love differs for all; whether it depends on your age, on your culture, the way you were raised or the experiences you have from past relationships. “Love is behavioral” are the best three words I heard when love was so absent in my life – or so I thought. The statement caused me to reflect on whose behavior showed me love, whose words showed me love, whose actions showed me love.

And it was all very clarifying for me.

At present, we live in a world of confusion about Love and Hate. The world certainly needs a group hug to remind us all what we are truly here for. Are we here to be abused and to fight each other and ruin lives not yet lived?

War, violence, power and control have nothing to do with love. Cruelty in itself is an abomination of human nature and rights mixed with winning at all costs.

Win what at all costs?

Power over all? Control over all? Survival of the fittest, or survival of the richest – in the monetary sense.

We are truly rich when we have the most powerful drug –love and all it encompasses.

All I’ve ever wanted in the world of love is for one man to say to me I am the most beautiful girl in his world and he is in love with me. The fear of love is greater than the reality of it. Until we conquer this fear as human beings, we will never truly understand it or have it.

To love is to be vulnerable, to be true with ourselves, to be accepting of our own fears. And to see that acceptance in the eyes of another; one that will not exploit the vulnerabilities they see, one that will now use all we see as our own flaws against us, but instead, love us and want us because of them.

When love and fear are combined it causes unease and brings thoughts of hurt and pain. From our pasts of losing loved ones, pets and dreams shattered. Each time we close our hearts for self-protection and dance with temptation. We also crave another person to comfort us during these times of sorrow and sadness. However, most likely, we push true love away to avoid feeling sad again in our lives. In doing so we are neglecting our human need for closeness and intimacy.

We allow fear and pain to control us. We stop seeking what we need preferring to go through it all alone just in case we somehow get hurt again.

Love thy neighbor has lost its meaning due to our global concept of evil –which simmers just below our surface. The spread of this message has come through the globalization of technology. “Once bitten, twice shy” has become “numerous bites, trust no one”.

Therefore the globalization of the meaning of love through technology and the human psyche –along with human needs– has caused people’s brains to fog and has placed a ring of barbed wire around our hearts. The message of the meaning of love has all but been lost.

However subjective the meaning is to the individual, as a species don’t we owe it to ourselves and our future generation to continue to spread the love throughout our scary violent world where love has been lost, scalded and controlled by fear?

Author: E.J. Mason

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