When I was studying journalism a rule was never write about clichés however this cliché is something more important than a news release and breaks the rules and boundaries of traditional medicine.

Be with the one who makes you laugh. The old cliché, laughter is the best medicine. Its free, its non taxable, its good for the environment and builds resilience aginst the difficulties in life in the fact we can self medicate.

Laughing in a relationship is a key to being extra ordinary happy. We know laughing and chocolate release oxytocin in our brains – the love hormone. It is the power boost for our emotional wellbeing containing stress free relaxants which reduce worry, even if momentarily, they combat depression and boost the immune system. The adrenaline rush is good for the heart, mind, body and soul.

When you laugh with someone whom you share interconnected secrets, it’s double the meaning, double the health benefits and mostly, double the fun. Laughter is contagious in groups with no toxic side effects. It binds people in togetherness with its common purpose of feeling happy.

We all can, and have had, a love interest with whom we have fallen in love for their looks and looks alone. We have been in lust and infatuation with physical traits; attracted to the outer shell.

However when we are truly attracted to people, real attraction comes from the soul and the deeper attraction is in the details. It’s their caring, their ability to truly listen, their kindness, their perspective and the shared wavelength of thoughts and emotions. Mostly though we are attracted to the feeling we get when we love to smile so widely our jaw and cheeks hurt from laughing.

The magnetic energy that draws and attracts us to them is the craving to laugh with them; the craving to feel the happy hormone again and again. Being the reason behind their smile, before we know it all of a sudden we are thinking about them day and night. Walking around with a silly love struck smile on our face as well as having an extra spring in our step.

People start noticing and asking, “What’s got you so happy? Who is it putting that smile on your face?” And some go the extra mile and straight out ask “Are you having great sex?” Polite people will say that it’s lovely to see you so happy. Happy girls are the prettiest and happy guys are captivating.

And what about the sex? It’s explosively orgasmic, euphoric, sensual and addictive. It’s fun and intimately good for our soul. Our spirits are higher than cloud nine and our level of attraction is off the scale. Sex is more than enjoyable when we can laugh with each other. Laughing is the powerful drug where our erogenous zones are tickled without touch; the vibe alone brings us to our knees. Chemistry between two people becomes much more than a spark but a high of euphoric engagement – orgasmic pleasure beyond words a climatic burst of natural ecstasy.

Laughter is the best medicine. Yes an old fashioned cliché but infinitely true.  So take a double dose, morning, noon and night. Laugh out loud until your belly aches; Roar with laughs and giggle till it hurts.

Author: E.J. Mason

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