We all know that reading books is beneficial and, theoretically, every parents wants their kids to be able to read a of couple books without throwing a tantrum. Sadly, the benefits of reading books outside school are limited to the new vocabulary a kid will learn. In the end, most parents give up their efforts and decide that if their darling prefers playing video games or watching TV isn’t something to worry about. Of course they’re overlooking the boost their kids could have in their future romantic life because, let’s be honest here, reading is sexy.

Putting aside the factor of attractiveness as an adult though, teaching kids to read will improve their lives a great deal.

Reading enhances the imagination. A book gives you the opportunity to identify with all types of different characters. Your children will be able to turn into a superhero, a princess or a badass spy within seconds. Soon they will be able to pick up attitudes from book characters they’ve liked and adopt them as their own.

With the right motivation –and book– you will have a tiny Superman in your house, always ready to come save mommy by picking up his toys on his own or a princess who knows how to clean her room herself. Your kids will explore the hallways and hidden passages of magical castles, they’ll get lost in forbidden forests and follow a flying ship all the way to Neverland. They will explore the world -both the real and the fictional- without leaving the comfort of their own home. Also, getting your child to indulge in reading might bite away a couple hours free of screaming and yelling; so you should thanks books for being your new nanny.

There are so many different types of books out there with each and every one containing a special and intriguing set of characters. The diversity of these characters is a good way to help your kids realize that all people are different and it’s easy to incorporate the theory into real life too. That way they won’t feel embarrassed to be who they truly are. They’ll also be more open and accepting towards other people because they’ll have in mind how special everyone is in their own unique way.

Books are a good bonding opportunity for families. The whole family can gather up and read together. You can take trips to local libraries or go book-hunting at bazaars. You get to discuss, with your kids, the books they’ve read, explain any parts that confused them and help them break the code behind metaphors a book can hide.

Of course the academic benefits are also endless. Your children will actually improve –and expand– their vocabulary and have a stronger grip and a better manipulation over the language. They’ll also learn how to be focused readers –a skill that will be put in good use when they have to study.

Reading also improves your memory, reduces stress and enhances discipline. A book is a great way to build a child’s judgment. It helps kids recognize cause and effect and apply logical thinking on various scenarios. And if you’re lucky enough and your children have a sweet tooth for historical books you’ll see their history grades take off like rockets! Growing up, kids who’ve learned to love books and accept their inner bookworm will turn out to be people with spherical knowledge, always able to participate in conversation and capable of expressing their opinion.

Sadly, if as a parent, you manage to create an obsessive reader you have to know you’ve created a beast. You may not see your kid for a couple days, especially during vacation, for their nose will be buried in a book. And there’s always the possibility of going bankrupt because your darling accidentally ordered 100 books online.

Author: Matina Tsouma

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