They say friends are the family we chose. Every family has a story to tell and so do friends, right? Friends just don’t have simply one but hundreds of incidents to share with the world and most of them are infinitely funny. Well, at least for those who were there to witness them.

The stories become insides jokes and, let’s be honest, who doesn’t love inside jokes? An inside joke is a joke formed between two or more people that no one, other than those few, will ever understand unless you explain it to them. Like the name of a guy you kept pronouncing wrong and no one corrected you so when you realized you kept laughing hysterically? And now every time you mention that said person you and your friends have a mental break down laughing?

Yeah, that’s an inside joke – because no one else gets why a name is so hilarious. And they’re really useful too. For example, when you see someone you don’t like trying so hard to earn a place in your squad you take a mental note. So next time you see them around your friends you just use a bunch of inside jokes instead of saying “bitch these are MY friends.”

Plus, insides jokes are the perfect way to make someone who’s outside your clique feel uncomfortable. Simply because they just don’t get it and who doesn’t love making people feel left out? Sadly we have all been the receiving end of such treatment and it wasn’t really nice. Quite the opposite. Kind of makes you hate inside jokes, right?

You know what else is also really great about having close friends? The eye contact. Yes, I’m talking about those side-ways glances you exchange with your friends when a person you all hate starts talking. Or that intense eye contact after someone really hot passes you by and you just know that all your friends saw them. They are ways of silently dissing people around you without them realizing because real friends don’t need to give an eye roll!

They can just look at you in that special way and you’ll know whether they’re bored, annoyed, happy, or just want you to come to save them from an unwanted conversation.

Besides they’re immense perks; inside jokes, side-ways glances and every other quirk a group of friends has that makes their friendship special. They are what identifies them as a whole, what brings them apart from other groups of friends, and what gives them that extra flare in their friendship. You know that real friends have inside jokes, and that just shows you how strong their bond is. It takes time to gather a respectful amount of them, and that time is time spent together.

It also takes time to be able to know what a person’s feeling just by a mere gaze. They translate to knowing each other deeply because they’ve spent time really getting to know each other. And the fact that you have inside jokes with a certain group of friends doesn’t mean you can’t create new ones with others; that’s they’re magic and you can never have enough of it!

In the end, you can’t call people your best friends if you can’t have a good laugh with them or if you always need to explain yourself. Sometimes you’re just not able to or maybe you don’t want to and it doesn’t matter because you’ll simply look at them and they’ll know. Your real friends are those who can decode your glances and make you laugh.

So don’t worry about what other people think when they see you laughing hysterically, they’ll probably be jealous!

Author: Matina Tsouma

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