It’s typical, when patients with terminal illness enter the last phase of their illness, their friends and family spend every minute they can with them. They can’t do anything about the definite result that inevitably will follow: The ill person will die. They will no longer be with them and all they can do is wait for that final day to come. It’s not really the day that they pass, but the patient’s last good day before their illness takes over them completely. It’s the last time they get to see their loved one smile, laugh and look somewhat normal. A last walk, a last talk, a last hug.

Did you know the same concept applies on relationships too?

With probably one –or no– exceptions in our lives, all romantic relationships come into an end. At some cursed point fights start or trust is lost. Maybe it’s the lack of communication or simply the death of the flame. But, like a patient with terminal illness, there’s nothing you can do to stop it. So you just wait for that last day, secretly counting down the days.

The thing with the last good day of a relationship is that you never know it’s actually the last one. You pass through it, and over it, as any other normal day; just maybe a bit more hyped. Some even ignore it, not realizing its sentimental value.

This is why you have to spend every moment with your lover like it’s your last one. Otherwise, you just might miss your last chance on good memories. It’ll slip right out of your hands and you’ll be left gasping for breath, trying to realize what the fuck went wrong.

Kiss each other like it’s your last kiss; like your lips will never meet again. Memorize every inch of your lover’s skin with your fingertips. Engrave the color of their eyes in your memory. Let their laugh sink into you so you can replay it in your head over and over again, until you feel their warmth enveloping you even when they’re gone.

If you can, make time stop. Slow down during every conversation, every stroll, every breathe you take in your lover’s presence. Take your time to appreciate being with them. It’s the moments you spend cradled in each other’s arms wishing you could relive forever; those are the times you’ll later try to relive through movie-like memories that slowly turn grey in time. Do your best to keep their colors alive for as long as you can.

Put effort in to maintain what you have since it might be the last time you have it. Ditch work to go on a trip. Get out of bed early and convince them to watch the sunrise together. Fight your fatigue and stay up all night watching movies and having mostly pointless conversations.

At that time it will seem unimportant; little things that wouldn’t make a difference if you skipped them for something more meaningful. Like for example, getting ahead with your job or booking tickets for a trip that’s months away or even worse, planning a date that will take place in three weeks. Why waste time you could spend with the person you love now in order to plan the things you two will do tomorrow?

Savor every day like it’s the last good day you’ll get; cherish every second with your lover like it’s your last day on earth. Don’t wait. Don’t wait for tomorrow to tell them you love them. Don’t wait for the weekend to take them out and don’t wait for the right time to tell them you want to spend your life with them.

If you show them your love every single day, and dedicate time to them, it’s certain that you will not miss the last happy memory you make. But there’s also a great possibility that this day will never come for you two; that you’ve outrun the laws of nature.

See, when you’re so tuned in to each other’s needs, desires, hopes and dreams, when you love each other so much, there’s no last day. There are only good days you’ll remember forever. And bad days that you face together, whispering that tomorrow will be better.

Author: Matina Tsouma

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